The volume of the defense industry 52 will double the big project

The volume of the defense industry will be doubled with the big project 52: 8 is the answer to the initial training aircraft (BEU) and the call file is prepared. The multi-faceted Coast Guard Helicopter Procurement Project received a file of call (RFP), 5 company (Airbus Helicopters, NH Industries, AgustaWestland, Sikorsky and Bell) received the file. These companies need to deliver their bids by June 16.
52 patent registration was made in a year The sector is trying to respond to SSM's projects with big investment and R & D. This development has been reflected in patent registrations. According to the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI), the R & D expenditures 1 is the second sector that increases the number of patent registrations by the highest by 1%. In 2000, the number of patents received in a year in the sector was only 2 in the 'production of weapons and ammunition', but now it has reached 52.
In spite of the big attack, the former Undersecretary of Defense Industry Murad Bayar still sees the performance in the sector and the restructuring is on the agenda. There is a model study on this subject. On the other hand, the projects are walking. At present, the value of the ongoing projects exceeds the estimated 10 billion dollars.
4 billion-dollar frigate project feasibility is ok
The first 2 vessel (Heybeliada and Büyükada) was produced in Gölcük within the scope of MİLGEM. Production of 2 is done by Istanbul Shipyard. The tender decision was made for the remaining 4 ship. 2 Logistics Support Ship (LDG) project proposals are evaluated. Aircraft carrier also called the pool landing ship (LPD) Metin Kalkavan's Sedef Shipyard will produce. (This project was previously given to the Koç company RMK, which was later canceled.) The biggest job in the group of ships is the TF 2000 Project… Air defense combat frigates will be taken to provide defense against ships, planes and other aircraft.
Feasibility studies completed. Project model studies are in progress. SSM has not announced a figure, but for the project cost, the 4 is a billion dollar figure. In the support ship sub-group, the Sailboat School Ship project is on the agenda. Currently offered 4 + 2 Multi-Purpose Helicopter, two-group helicopter retrieval, air cushion extraction vehicle, completed feasibility studies, special purpose tactical wheeled armored, also armored amphibious assault vehicle X In these projects only helicopter projects 'direct supply' in the form of. Others will be produced by domestic industry. In the Long Range Region Air and Defense Systems Project, negotiations with the Chinese CPMIEC are being negotiated.
This project also evaluates the objections of NATO and some of its members. Kale Kalıp officials, who are the contractor of the national infantry rifle project, isi Production line qualifications are continuing in the National Infantry Rifle Project which is progressing with the cooperation of Makina Kimya. We expect mass production to start in the second half of 2014 seri.
8 billion dollars turnover 2 billion dollars turnover target, export
The 52 project, under which the Undersecretariat has not yet signed a contract, the contract for which feasibility is in progress or is still ending, is collected under the 9 title, such as air, land, sea, weapons and radar systems. The 2016 billion dollars turnover targeted for the 8 year of the defense industry is expected to be 2 billion dollars. The turnover of the defense industry (direct / indirect) is 2012 billion 4 million dollars at 756. (2013 figure has not been announced yet.) Defense and aviation exports 1 billion 262 million dollars, total R & D spending 772.7 million dollars.
5 company received file for coast guard helicopter
Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) helicopter development, also co-production projects are also walking. There are three separate projects within the scope of direct procurement. These are EGM Medium Class, Multi-Purpose Coast Guard and General Purpose Marine helicopter projects. Companies are currently receiving a call file for the Multi-Purpose Coast Guard Helicopter Procurement Project. The file area 5 company is based on: Airbus Helicopters-Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH, NH Industries, AgustaWestland SpA-AgustaWestland Ltd., Sikorsky and Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Domestic procurement policy expands sector
xnumx'l in Turkey at the beginning of the year, defense, aerospace and security needs could only be met by xnumx's percent of domestic supply. This percentage is now based on 2000. SSM gives projects to local companies whenever possible.
Turkey's defense spending is relatively high in the group of countries that paves the way for the sector. In the sector documents, ürün SSM's prioritization approach to the original product development programs that it started to implement has been an important turning point in the development of the sector. With this approach, our defense industry has started to take new products into its product range and has gained a variety of products it can export. It is a fact that these products have entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and that these products have proven performance in the field of operations and that it is a matter of interest for other countries. Off-set applications increase the export of military products in the aviation industry; ın Combined with the performance of our industrialists in this field, it has opened the door of civil aviation bu.
52 project on SSM's agenda
• Air Cushion Removal Tool
• Logistics Support Ship (2 units)
• Sailing School Ship
• TF 2000
• Battleship Group (4 pieces)
• MİLGEM / Prototype and 2. Ship Designs
• 600 class Coast Guard Boat
• Emergency Response and Diving Training Boat
• Turkish Type Hücumbot
• SAT boots
• Protection Security Group
• EGM Middle Class Helicopter
• Procurement
• Multi-Purpose Coast Guard Helicopter
• General Purpose Marine Helicopter
• Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored
• Armored Amphibious Assault Tool
• Long Range Air and Missile Sav. Fog.
• Beginner Training Aircraft (BEU)
• Supply of Next Generation Basic Training Aircraft
• Offensive UAV
• Destination Aircraft
• Vehicle-Mounted Multi-Spectral Hazard Device
• Active Protection System Development
• Power Group Development Project
• Mine Cleaning System
• Battlefield Recognition Identification Fog.
• Weapon Carrier Vehicle
• ATAK Helicopter Simulator
• Submarine Diving Simulator
• Image Yoghurt. Tube Project
• Wireless Network (on the agenda)
• Helicopter Obstruction System
• LINK-16 Terminal Supply
• Tactical Data Link Management Mer.
• Çavlis
• MILGEM Combat System Supply
• Sea Bases Underwater Surveillance
• Ballistic Test Center Project
• Original Domestic Pistol Development Project
• TSK Gun Ready Procurement
• Remote Controlled Eye. and Shooting Platform
• Avionics Modernization of CN-235
• PT-6 Series Mot. DSB Kab.Kum
• Satellite Communication System
• TSK KU Band Satellite Communication System
• Electro Opit IR Discovery Pod You.
• SSM R & D Restraints
• Mobile / Fixed TACAN Project
• TKRS Modernisation

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