Safer Transportation with iPad Application from GEFCO

Safer transportation with ipad application from gefco
Safer transportation with ipad application from gefco

Safer transportation with iPad application from GEFCO: GEFCO has developed an ultra-innovative iPad application within the company in order to provide its customers operating in the automotive industry with excellent quality. This iPad app will make vehicle loading controls easier. The application, designed by considering the operational needs of field workers, will make vehicle transportation even more secure.

Developed to simplify the daily work of loading controllers, the "Upload Controller" iPad application will also assist teams that perform vehicle loading inspections.

The application designed by GEFCO's FVL (Finished Vehicle Logistics) teams in 2011 is currently being used by GEFCO Group's seven facilities worldwide, while at the same time working for other subsidiaries of the group. From the cleanliness of the vehicle carrier to the safety rules such as the required protective clothing, or the adjustment of the angle of the loading ramps, this state-of-the-art application complies with all quality standards.

When vehicles arrive at GEFCO car centers, they are automatically processed by FVL teams.
Before loading, regardless of short or long distance, the load controllers examine the vehicles in accordance with professional standards, perform their checks and list any possible defects for correction.

Leyic The iPad app allows the controller to perform all of its tasks without using a paper, pen or camera, inin said Morgan Bochet, Managing Director of Management Operations at FVL Division. It is a simple, interactive, easy to use, intuitive and specially designed tool. The requirements of the sector were taken into consideration in the design and development. It will make the work of the controller much easier and will eliminate all the costs associated with the paper-based system. (printing, recycling, etc.). This way will reduce the negative impact on the environment, '' he said.

A virtual application to help the controller work

The controller can now control a tool in just a few clicks using its iPad. This will save the trouble of writing all the details on paper. Also, you will no longer need to transfer all the information to the computer at the end of the day. Instead of listing the possible flaws on the paper, the controller will switch from one control screen to another to check whether the compulsory quality inspection requirements have been met. At the end of the application a summary audit report will be seen on the screen and the two parties will discard the electronic signatures confirming the report to the screen. This way, any disagreement will be prevented.

GEFCO vehicle centers, where international traffic flows are intense, have to communicate with drivers who are responsible for loading or unloading vehicles and who are citizens of different countries. 15 offers a choice of different languages ​​(it is possible to add different language options). With this feature, the application can be used anywhere in the world by pressing a button. The fact that new languages ​​and information can be added remotely can also be used by supervisors to have a constantly updated system.

The superior operational performance is the key - innovation

The information systems have an important role in the finished vehicle logistics for Fawl Group FVL Division Manager Andrea Conti. Uz Since our information systems are interfaced with our customers (manufacturers, exporters, dealerships) systems, we are able to follow each stage while the vehicles are being processed. What's more, optimum operational performance means strict adherence to professional quality standards and adherence to deadlines. It also means that environmentally friendly product and energy systems are used and safety rules are followed.

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