2 from Card. Questionnaire about the High Speed ​​Train Station

2 from Card. Questionnaire on the High Speed ​​Railway Station: CHP Konya Deputy Atilla Kart, 2 to be held in Konya. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Lütfi Elvan has requested a written question to be answered about the ongoing project works for the construction of the High Speed ​​Railway Station

Atilla Kart's proposal on the subject is as follows: 2 to be built by State Railways in Konya. Within the scope of the project works carried out for the construction of the High Speed ​​Railway Station; However, during these studies, the value of 400 TL per square meter is appreciated, the value is inadequate and leads to victimization of rights holders; Although there is no special and extraordinary situation requiring urgent seizure, it is stated that why this method is not understood; the questions expressed in the motion were expressed.

This is declared in the Incoming Papers list dated 23 February 2014, since no one has been responded within the prescribed period. Despite the insensitive attitude of the Minister; the importance of the issue and the right to inform the public opinion of Konya, and in order to prevent the speculation created by the Government, it is necessary to direct the questions raised in the proposal to the relevant Minister; 1-Although there are no special and extraordinary situations mentioned in the law, why hastily seizure was applied? 2-Konya 2. In which area will the construction of the High Speed ​​Railway Station be realized? When will the work be completed? Will the current Train Station continue its activity? The fact that our 3-Mezkûr proposal has not been answered does not mean that speculative initiatives in the region where the expropriation is being made, does not the ground be prepared by the Government?

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