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medina station
medina station

Medina Train Station: 2 On May 1900, preparations for the Hejaz Railway have started and although there are various views on the determination of the railway route, Sultan II. At the request of Abdul Hamid Khan, the Hejaz line was decided to be built along the historic pilgrimage route.

After walking from Ravza-i Mutahhara, after five hundred and six hundred meters you can reach the sad and sad Medina train station, which has become deeply silent after all. The labor of Mohammad and Abubakir brothers in every cut stone, the wrist of Tabriz Salahaddin in every ray block, Ali of Amanoslu in every traversing board, the sweat of Toroslu Shakird, to protect the Hejaz railway from Bedouin desert thugs You can feel the martyr blood of the martyrs fighting.

This work of the ancestors; Our Prophet Muhammad (SAV) blessed and spirit of the spirit of the sheriffs do not disturb five to six kilometers to Ravza, felts, sponges under the rails ecstad ullah

Even if they resurrect themselves today, they will be saddened in their labor, in their sweat, in their blessed martyrdom.
However, what hopes began, this blessed and blessed adventure. The Sultan of the period, Paradise II. Abdul Hamid Khan, the grant of his own personal account, this great project, two-and-a-half million dollars without donating an eyebrows. In addition, all the Ottoman State officials would be deducted under the name of the ın ler gelir gelir gelir UM UM UM UM UM UM.

Because considering the conditions of the period, it is not wrong to describe this project as a project of the century. Sultan Abdulhamid, along with the line that will be 5350 kilometers in total, thought that it would be possible to have an easy mobilization during the war or any internal disturbance. The Sultan also ignored the economic, political, religious and psychological benefits of the railway.

Sultan II. In the world of Abdulhamid, the Hijaz town had a special place and importance. The presence of Mecca and Medina, which are the holy cities of the world Muslims, were found here. Abdulhamid's being the caliph of Islam, the Ottoman Empire's effective implementation of the last period of the Ummah (Islamism) policy has increased the interest in the region seriously.

He saw this project as a must for the Sultan and the Ottoman Empire to continue its position of influence and leadership in the Islamic world. Also in Arabia, 19. century was a new target and interest of European imperialism, which became stronger in the 20th century. They wanted to take over the Arabian Peninsula with their qualified agents who knew very well the conditions of the region. In particular, the British in the region resorted to various ways to penetrate the region, contacting influential local leaders and notables with Mecca sheriffs and Bedouin tribes. These groups were using their ambition to seize the Arabian Peninsula.

These families, which they provoked against the Ottoman Empire, were an undeniable fact that they fell under the brutality of the British. The only thing to be done in these circumstances was to protect and defend these vast lands, where the Muslim Qibles were, at all costs against internal and external dangers.

2 On May 1900, preparations for the Hejaz Railway have started and although there are various views on the determination of the railway route, Sultan II. At the request of Abdul Hamid Khan, the Hejaz line was decided to be built along the historic pilgrimage route. The line will be extended from Damascus to Mecca. Then, from Mecca to Jeddah, alternatively it was planned to be lowered to the Gulf of Aqaba, in the future from Mecca to Yemen, from Medina to Najid towards Baghdad.
Hijaz Railway 1 September 1900 was started with an official ceremony in Damascus In the vicinity of the Hijaz Railway and its surrounding, the Muslims and the Muslims would not be allowed to search for settlements and mines in the region with the idea of ​​preventing the activities of non-Muslim Ottoman citizens. .

The Hijaz line 27 opened with the movement of the first train in the history of 1908, the Candlestick. This train, which was specially prepared, included state officials, invited guests and local and foreign journalists. The speed of the train between the 40-60 km / s was perfect compared to that period. Previously, the route of Damascus-Medina with the camels 40 a day while the same distance with the Hijaz Railway 72 hours (3 days) had landed.

Moreover, the hours of movement were arranged in accordance with the prayer times and the trains were waiting at the stations to make the passengers pray. Those who wanted to make their prayers in the mosque wagon. In 1909 there was an officer who was muezzin on the same wagon in five days of the day. An application started from 1911 and organized special train services on religious and national holidays.

But the beginning of the end of the Ottoman Empire, a traitor plan II. It began with Abdülhamit's throne. The heavy defeats, which were taken consecutively, caused the necessary support and importance to the project of the century.
The result?

The pain finally found it very painfully. This blessed campaign and the project were destroyed by the Arabs organized by British spy Thomas Edward Lawrance, and the 680 km between Maan and Medina was bombed. Even, and even the rail blocks and travers columns to the British were distributed coins of bonuses.

Unfortunately, in this project, which is made with the sweat of your eyes, the dusty shelves of history and the sadness sohbetBut if my Lord wishes, many projects such as this project will find Nesv-u nema in the Islamic Geography. However, first of all, we must be worthy servants and ummah.


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