Kazakhstan Train Accident: 12 Injured

train crash in Kazakhstan
train crash in Kazakhstan

📩 31/05/2020 23:37

Kazakhstan train accident: 12 injured: According to first estimates, 12 people were injured in the train accident in Kazakhstan.

It was stated that 12 people, two of them were heavy, were injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the derailment of the passenger train that made the Almaty Atrav expedition. While there was no loss of life in the accident, contradictory statements were made about the number of injured.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan, the passenger train consisting of 19 wagons in Almaty-Atrav and 13 wagons were overturned. 580 passengers and the 26 official is not yet an official explanation for the cause of the train win, the incident was established to establish a special commission to investigate.


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