Karaman - Ermenek Highway Tender 5 to be held in May

📩 21/12/2018 17:20

Karaman - Ermenek Highway Tender will be held on 5 May: The tender for the highway, which will be held in the 25 km long section of the Karaman - Ermenek highway from Konya - Mersin separation, will be held on Monday, May 5.
In the statement made by the Governorship on the subject, “3,3 km road from Karaman - Mersin separation to Kızılyaka junction is 2 × 11 m. wide road standard, 21,7 km long road 12 m. It will be constructed as the only way wide. It is aimed to complete the whole work by the end of 2014. In addition, another highway project; 19,1 km. Konya-Karaman separation of Güney length will be held on May 12, 2014. The construction of a bridge junction in the Konya-Karaman separation of the project is also included in the structure. Within the scope of the project, the 3,5 km long road will be built as a 2 × 11 meter wide divided road standard, Güneysorders ring road, and the remaining 15,6 km long road will be built as the only 12 meter wide road. It is aimed to complete the entire work by the end of 2014. ” The statement said.


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