In Eskişehir, Tramway is Punished

The Motorcyclists on the Tramway in Eskişehir Fined: Traffic police fined the motorcyclists and electric bicycles in Eskişehir, especially on the tramway road.

Traffic policemen who carried out inspections on Iki Eylul Avenue in order to prevent the increasing accidents on the tramway road recently and to prevent the citizens of motorcycles and electric bicycles both from forcing the traffic and to end the disturbances they caused to the environment, fined 80 lira each. While the motorcycles and electric bicycles of the fined riders were not confiscated, the officials stated that these inspections will continue until the traffic flow returns to normal. Citizens in the neighborhood expressed that they were satisfied with this practice of the traffic teams, and said that especially motorcycle drivers drive vehicles in a way that hits citizens, adding that the traffic will be relieved with this application.

📩 25/11/2018 18:34

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