Road Construction Work On Sivrice Road In Elazığ


Road Construction Work on Sivrice Road in Elazığ Continues: Elazığ Highways 8. The road construction works initiated by the Regional Directorate on the Elazığ-Sivrice road continue.
Elazig 8. Road construction work started in 2011 by the Regional Directorate of Highways continues at full speed. The construction of the 4 kilometer asphalt on the Sivrice road, carried out by the contractor, continued at the weekend. Due to the ongoing works on the Elazığ-Sivrice highway, the two lanes of the road were closed to traffic. Officials want to be careful about the drivers of this route, the studies will continue in the coming days learned. Following the completion of road construction work, the road is expected to be reopened in a short time.
Within the scope of the investment projects of the 8th Regional Directorate of Highways in 2011, 13 kilometers between Keban, 24 kilometers between Palu-Arıcak, 12 kilometers between Sivrice-Gözeli, 11 kilometers from Hıdırbaba-Ferry Pier, 24 kilometers from Tunceli road, 23 kilometers from Çaybağı road and 12 kilometers from Ağın ferry pier. With the renewal of unlined surface coating at 119 kilometers, 18 kilometers of lined surface coating were renewed on the Elazig-Diyarbakır road, 9 kilometers on the Malatya-Gözeli-Sivrice road, 6 kilometers between Palu-Arıcak and 5 kilometers on the Keban road.


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