Are Third Bridge and Third Airport Tenders Renewed?

3 rd bridges and 3 rd airport auctions are being renewed: Discussions have started to be held again due to the recently held 3 rd bridges and 3 rd airports, due to the regulation that provides Treasury guarantee to the private sector's external loan debt.

Change in Terms

CHP Deputy Chairman and former Undersecretary of Treasury Faik Öztrak, the Treasury guarantee in the case of retrospective implementation of ongoing credit negotiations should be re-tender projects, he said. Er The conditions have changed after the tender has been changed, hem said Öztrak. Garant If a Treasury guarantee would be announced to these tenders in advance, more companies would enter into tenders and the price would be reduced. The rent of the state would be higher. If the tenders are not renewed, there will be increasing doubts about the fact that firms may have offered advantageous price by 'receiving insider information' Eğer.

Changes costs

MHP Deputy Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Günal stated that the guarantee could not be applied to the completed projects, and said: proj The winners offered the tender by relying on the guarantee? There was no guarantee on that date. If the companies do the job under the current conditions, the tenders are canceled if they do not. Otherwise competition will be disrupted. If there is a guarantee in another tender, otherwise there will be another cost. If the guarantee is applied to the past, the firms that did not participate in the tender, rightly, 'if we knew the guarantee we would also participate', and the losers would also say 'if we knew the guarantee we could give a much more advantageous price'. Garanti

Cost 2 points decrease

On the other hand, it is stated that the Treasury guarantee will provide an interest advantage of approximately 2 points in favor of borrowers in foreign borrowing. Thanks to the guarantee, the cost advantage of the companies will be calculated according to the share of the equity in the project, the amount of the loan to be taken, the maturity of the loan and interest rate, and it is calculated that this gain will be higher especially in the high credit users.

Public benefit occurs

Thanks to the Treasury guarantee, it is stated that the improvement in credit costs should be reflected in favor of the public, for example in the 2 points improvement, rather than the company profit. Iy In the new tenders, the reflections of the guarantee on the prices can be seen immediately in the auction hall. The more the public, the more favorable conditions will offer a public interest occurs. If the guarantee given to the old projects, which have been completed, will provide a cost advantage not to the public but to the companies directly, the tenders should be renewed and the companies should be re-competed if a guarantee will be given ere.

Council of Ministers can raise 2

The regulation, which provides the Treasury guarantee to the private sector debt, limits the amount to be guaranteed to the amount to be written to the budget every year, and this decides that it can be doubled by the decision of the Council of Ministers. This limit for 2014 is 3 billion dollars. However, since the old projects are excluded from this limit, it is not known what the guarantee will reach.

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