48,5 Billion Lira Contribution to Budget Revenues from Highways

Contribution of 48,5 Billion Liras to Highways and Budget Revenues: The contribution of the road network, which is under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways, to the national budget, has been calculated as approximately 48,5 billion lira as of the end of last year.
Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) paid by the vehicles using the road network (99 million 431 thousand vehicles x kilometers), which are under the responsibility of General Directorate of Highways, with SCT and Motor Vehicle Taxes related to motor vehicles, Considering the VAT obtained from highway-bridge revenues, the contribution of the road network to the national budget was calculated as 48 billion 462 million 512 thousand 784 pounds as of the end of last year.
Considering that the total investment expenditures of the General Directorate of Highways of 2013 is 12 billion 358 million pounds, tax and wage income was obtained at the level of approximately 4 multiples of the appropriations spent on highways infrastructure investments.
Last year, the General Directorate of Highways, whose total expenditure was 15 billion 345 million liras, has more than 3 times more tax and wage income than the total expenditure amount.
- Contributions to the national budget -
As of the year 2013, the road network contributes to the national budget and amounts are as follows:
SCT 10.565.000.000 TL for motor vehicles
Consumption SCT 21.988.285.541 TL
VAT from fuel consumed 8.414.079.630 TL
Motor Vehicle Tax 7.353.000.000 TL
Motorway and Bridge Revenues VAT 142.147.613 TL
Contribution of KGM to National Budget 48.462.512.784 TL



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