33. Istanbul Film Festival says Renault Motor

📩 24/11/2018 12:02

  1. Istanbul Film Festival with Renault Motor says: Renault, long-time support for the world's leading Film Festival, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and 20 33 will continue until April XNUMX. It also shows at the Istanbul Film Festival.
    Turkish Cinema 100. Celebrates your age, 33. At the opening premiere of the Istanbul Film Festival, Renault moved its famous names to the red carpet with the “Going to the Film in vehicles. During the festival, Renault will allocate yabancı Going to the Film ize vehicles to the foreign famous names invited to our country.
    Cinema fans who follow Renault on Facebook will be able to win tickets to the highly anticipated films of the festival.
    With its slim and powerful silhouette, Renault has allocated Latitude models, one of the most spectacular cars, to the Istanbul Film Festival organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. Automobiles brought into the an Go to the Film an vehicles for the festival carried the stars participating in the festival gala to the red carpet.
  2. Istanbul Film Festival Friday, April 4, Lutfi Kirdar International Congress and Turkey in the cinema at the opening ceremony held at the Exhibition Hall of the names that labor-sized Istanbul Film Festival Honorary Awards were presented. Renault allocated the “Film Goes” Latitude vehicles to screenwriter Umur Bugay, actress Sevda Ferdağ, producer Abdurrahman Keskiner and musician Atilla Özdemiroğlu, who were awarded the Honorary Award. Yıldız Kenter and Menderes Samancılar were other cinema veterans who came to the premiere with the "Filming" vehicles.
    Throughout the festival, many foreign celebrities who are invited to our country with different activities will carry to the festival activities with the comfort of Renault Latitude.
    address for those who want to participate in the Festival Free Movies: facebook.com/renaultturki to
    Cinema enthusiasts will be able to participate in some films as an invitation to Renault. Users who share their comments with Facebook will have the chance to win tickets to different festival films.
    ”Twizy model in front of camera at the festival“
    Renault MAIS General Director Ibrahim Aybar summarized Renault and its relationship with the cinema: an Only 4 years later, Renault cars took part in a film as Lumiere Brothers patented the first camera. In the next century cinema, the automotive industry also underwent major technological changes. Renault, the cinema relationship never stopped. In many memorable films from James Bond to God's Creation, Renault cars were on the film stage. Renault has a fleet of 40 vehicles for production companies. In this year's festival, Terry Gilliam's Zero Theory shows our Twizy model in front of the camera.

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