3. A neighbor visit to the bridge construction

Neighboring visit of the 3rd Bridge construction: A group of academicians and students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki visited the 3rd Bridge construction in Istanbul, where they came for a touristic trip.
While the construction of the Third Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Highway Project continued rapidly, a group of academics and engineer candidates from the neighboring country of Greece visited the construction site and received information from the authorities. Professor of Civil Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Christos Pyrgidis, with a group of academicians and faculty students, wanted to see the construction of the Third Bridge in Istanbul, where they came for sightseeing. 25 3 is the group of people who are welcomed. Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway Project organized a technical trip to the construction site.
Project Control Director Cem Erer told about the project and the work done, and Alper Baysal, Director of Occupational Health, Quality and Environment, gave information about the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process. Professor Pyrgidis said that the 3.Köprü visit was a great opportunity both for him and his students. . We came to Istanbul for two purposes: one to visit this site as a tourist and another to visit this project,. Says Pyrgidis. With the Third Bridge, Europe and Asia will meet for the first time in terms of both vehicle and rail. There is a very important construction process for the future. Gelecek

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