3.Trippin's feet end in August

3.Köprının feet ends in August: the third Bosphorus Bridge 200 meter rising feet of the mold system was removed, climbing to the mold system was passed. A total of 320 meters will be completed in August.
Following the intense election marathon, the works of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Third Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Highway Project are underway.
Two of the bridge's feet were completed at 3, and a feverish work was done recently. On the bridge legs, the mold system to raise was changed. Sliding formwork system was dismantled and the climbing system was started. Dismantling was performed at the 200 meter. A total of 320 meters will be completed in August. It was learned that Prime Minister Erdoğan was very satisfied with the works and he thanked the engineers and workers working on the construction site.
Third Bridge Europe Tower Construction Manager Samet Seyhan stated that an important step has been taken with the change of the mold system and added: önemli The entire mold was cut down to 6. We have downloaded more than 200 tones from 100 meters. This process lasted 1 week. Now we're on the climax. Thus, the installation of anchor boxes will be easier, Böylece he said.

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