Highways to invest in 161 million pounds over the years

Highways will invest 161 million liras in the year: 2014 Year 2, which was chaired by Governor Sabri Başköy. Term Provincial Coordination Board Meeting that provides information about the investments of the Directorate of Highways 7. Regional Director Mehmet Cetin, 2014 kilometers divided road in the 3, 12 kilometers single road, 10 mileage all hot coating, 219 mileage will cover the surface, specifying that they aim to invest in total 161 million pounds.
Highways 7. Regional Director Mehmet Cetin, the province of Corum 8 pieces of work found, he said.
2014 3 kilometers divided road, 12 mileage single road, 10 mileage of all hot plating, 219 kilometer in the surface of the coating Cetir stated that they aim to invest a total of 161 million pounds.
Çetin, who gave information about the work done last year, stated that the realization of the monetary realization is 100.
Cetin-Iskilip road that gives information about the work Cetin, total 6,2 kilometers divided road, 19,8 kilometers one-way road was done last year by specifying the tender, the project amount of 24 million pounds announced. 26 kilometer-long road will be divided into the 6,2 kilometers, stating that Cetin, "15 and 26'nun road between the road work of art and earth structures," he said.

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