12 left cloves at a level crossing

📩 25/11/2018 19:35

They left carnations at the level crossing where 12 people died: Semih Özsu, the President of the Ankara Tarsus People Association (TADER), founded by Tarsus residents living in Ankara, members of the board of directors and university students, a train accident occurred in which 12 people lost their lives and 4 people were injured. He left cloves at the level crossing and asked for effective measures to be taken.

Making a statement at the level crossing where the accident happened in Adanalıoğlu Mahallesi, Semih Özsu said that they came to Tarsus to commemorate those who died in the accident and said: “In the meeting we held with the authorities before coming from Ankara, the tenders were completed within the scope of the expedited train, not the high-speed train between Adana and Mersin. They informed us that the stage has been reached. They stated that the level crossings between Adana and Mersin will be healed and eliminated under this project and that they will not pose any danger in terms of life safety. These accidents, which have been going on for years, have all upset us all. 2 years ago, this kind of accident again caused 7 lives. We want all authorities to be sensitive to this, we want all non-governmental organizations to protect such issues. This is because it is a place where 4-5 thousand vehicles pass every day. We are all human beings. Our drivers may have mistakes from time to time as well as they may have deficiencies in the officers who stand alone, but nothing is an excuse for the departure of human life. Nothing is more important than human life. We want this problem to be resolved as soon as possible, regardless of the cost. As Tarsuslular Association, we will follow this issue in Ankara. I hope we will not experience such suffering again. ”

Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone Manager Halil Yilmaz that employees 15 thousand employees in the industry and all of these at-grade, n a moment ago said that the implementation of modern level crossing project stating that use the walkway.

Following the statement made by the memory of those who lost their lives at grade crossings for the passage of carnations Total 12 they bring their members are leaving the rails TADEM they wanted to take emergency measures.

12 PERSON died

20 on 62028 march in the central district of Akdeniz District Adanalıoğlu Quarter 33 was injured in the 1104 flight of 12 by Fahri Kaya and 4. The machinists were detained in the incident launched an investigation into the republic were released by the prosecutor's alleged off grade barrier gate attendant 1 children Erhan Sword was arrested by the court.

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