105 Million Concrete Surface Coating Tender

Tender of 105 Million Concrete Surface Coating: The tender of BSK (Concrete Surface Coating) asphalting work of a section between the Gölbaşı Separation and Darende of Malatya-Darende highway, which is still under construction, was held yesterday at the 8th Regional Directorate of Highways Elazig. 105 companies participated in the tender, which cost approximately 405 million 105 thousand TL (405 trillion 14 billion liras).
Darende Highway is 23 km from Malatya-Gölbaşı separation. 59.5 km. the tender for covering the double road between BSK, also known as "zero asphalt" among the people; Özdemir İnşaat + Özsal İnşaat, Yazıcıoğlu İnşaat + Bergiz İnşaat, Orak Infrastructure + Mekin Orak, Açtılı İnşaat, Dinç Grup-Mezre İnşaat, Efnur İnşaat + Nesce İnşaat, Fermak İnşaat, YSE İnşaat + Uğur İnşaat, Açık İnşaat, Ziver İnşaat, Gürşah Hafriyat , HGG İnşaat, İntekar İnşaat and Farsel İnşaat have reportedly submitted their bids.
Limit value (lowest bid) 57 million 285 thousand TL in the tender, the lowest bid 59 million 237 thousand TL with Özdemir Construction + Özsal Construction, the highest bid with 124 million 934 thousand TL given by the other 12 firms offers were between 59.7 million TL and 103.9 million TL.
It was learned that the 14 bids received in the tender, which was held in accordance with the Open Tender Procedure, were started to be evaluated by the Tender Commission, that the most appropriate bidder company will be determined and the contract will be concluded, and the work is foreseen to be completed in 930 days from the date of the contract.



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