Vezneciler Metro Station opened

Vezneciler Metro Station was opened: As the Golden Horn Bridge was opened last month, while the metro services reached Yenikapı, transportation to Istanbul University Beyazıt Campus became very easy with the opening of the Vezneciler Station on the route.
With the opening of the Vezneciler Metro Station, Beyazıt, Saraçhane, Süleymaniye and Laleli districts and the Grand Bazaar have reached the comfort of rail transportation. The transportation of the people of the region has been greatly facilitated, especially the Istanbul University students, faculty and employees in Beyazıt, and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality employees in Saraçhane. The commissioning of the station in the Historic Peninsula is also expected to contribute positively to regional tourism. The station was named "Vezneciler Station 16 March Martyrs Entrance" in memory of the soldiers martyred in the police station in this region during the occupation of Istanbul. In addition, a monument that tells the event in three languages ​​was placed at the entrance of the station.
Vezneciler Station is 30 m from the surface. was built in depth. At Vezneciler Station and at the station entrances, ease of access to the surface from the surface was provided by establishing walking and warning tapes, grab bars and handicapped elevators in accordance with international standards. By applying anti-vibration elastomer pads to the rails, the noise and vibration caused by the train are minimized and travel comfort is increased. Since the project is located in the Historic Peninsula, vibration absorber and rail connection systems that minimize noise were used.
Passengers who take the metro from Vezneciler Station on the Hacıosman-Yenikapı Line, take the metro to Taksim-Hacıosman direction, Yenikapı and through Marmaray through Üsküdar-Kadıköy- It will have the opportunity to reach the eagle directions quickly with the Light Metro (when Yenikapı-Aksaray is completed) to Otogar-Atatürk Airport-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olympic Stadium.


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