Uzungöl Cable Car Line and Daily Use Area Management

Uzungöl Cable Car Line and Daily Use Area Management
Directorate of Forestry and Water Works
Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 12 Regional Directorate Directorate of Trabzon Branch of Uzungol Nature Park within the boundaries of the Haroskomları located in the area, ending in the Sarikaya plateau ending in the area of ​​the 3 station line and day-to-day use of buildings and facilities in the field of building and business management It shall be tendered by bargaining procedure in accordance with the 2886 / g clause of the Tender Law.

The nature of the work, place-amount: Haroskomları located within the borders of Uzungöl Nature Park and the cable car line consisting of 3 station foot terminating at the Sarıkaya plateau area and day-to-day usage area, building and operation of the facilities in the field is the work. (59.690 square meters)
Annual Price: 47.887,79 TL
Temporary Coverage Amount: 4.788,78 TL
Tender date and time: 13 / 03 / 2014 hours 14: 00
The place of tender will be: Forest and Water Works 12 District Directorate Çamlıbel Quarter Atatürk Street 403 53100 Center / Rize
Tender documents may be seen or
can be purchased: Forestry and Water Works can be seen at 12.Region Directorate / Rize and Trabzon Branch Directorate and can be purchased for 50,00TL.
Procurement procedure: Negotiation procedure according to the 2886 / g clause of the 51 numbered State Tender Law.
Contact information of the relevant staff: A.ÜMÜZER / Müh. NTrabzon 0462 2308952, Fax: 0462 2302167
B.AYDIN ​​/ Mem.-Rize 04642145547, Fax: 04642145932

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