Turkey Championship Ski Races started in Davraz

📩 24/11/2018 13:19

Turkey Championship Ski Races started in Davraz: Turkey Interschool Championship Ski Races Davraz with the participation of 210 athletes started in the Ski Center.

210 athletes participated in the races organized by the Ski Federation in the category of alpine and northern discipline minors, stars and young people.

Chief Judge Genghis Uludag, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the first day of the athletes competed against the time and the races took place without problems, he said. Stating that the ski slopes are suitable for races, Uludağ stated that they carried out both the alpine discipline and the northern discipline races.

Uludag, 2 after the struggle for the day will be determined in both skies and individual champions in the area of ​​the skies reported.

Following the races on the first day, Seyit Zeki Güldemir in young men, Zozan Malkoç in young girls, Murat Elkatmış in young men, Ebru Arslan in young girls, Yusuf Keser in star men and Elif Durlanık in star girls were the first.

In the Alpine skiing category, Ali Zincirkıran in young men, Aygen Yurt in young girls, Metehan Öz in small men, Göksu Danacı in small girls, Berkin Usta in star men, and Nazlıcan Yüzgül in star girls was the first.

The races will continue today.