Turkish trolleybus Tosun 45 on the roads again after years

After the year, the Turkish trolley bus Tosun 45 was once again on the road: the symbol of IETT, the first Turkish trolley bus Tosun, 45 after the year break again at the hands of the İETT masters and reunited with the residents of Istanbul.
Tosun went on the Edirnekapı-Taksim route with the number 87. In the morning, 9 passes 10 and in the evening 15.30 is on the Edirnekapı-Karagümrük-Fatih-Unkapanı-Şişhane-Taksim route starting from Topkapı.
The first Turkish trolley bus, 'Tosun', which was produced as a result of 1968 month-long work in the workshops in Şişli garage by XIUM of IETT, took its place on the roads after 5 year. With the 29 worker and an engineer from IETT, in the İkitelli garage, Tosun was rebuilt in 6 every month and started to operate on the Edirnekapı-Taksim line with the number 3. Serving twice a day in the first place, Tosun's voyages will be a little more frequent in the following months.
Trolleybuses, which have been serving for many years in Istanbul but have not been able to respond to the demand of the voyage with the increasing population in the city, started the journey in 1961 for the first time. The 100 electric vehicle fleet in 1968 was added to the electric bus fleet by the IETT craftsmen on an old bus chassis and the vehicle they called 'Tosun' because of their rounded lines was added to the 101 door number. Tosun was also removed from the flight in 1984 after serving Istanbul residents on various lines like other trolleybuses. Tosun, which has an important place in the history of IETT reaching the 143 year, was reshaped in the hands of IETT craftsmen in 2013 just like the nostalgic tram and was made ready for the expedition.


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