Turkish and Lebanese youth gathered at ski resort (Photo Gallery)

Turkish and Lebanese youth came together at the ski center: Approximately 200 people came together at the ski resort in Lebanon, during the trip organized, at the event where songs from two countries were sung, the group that opened a giant Turkish flag on the snow shouted Turkish and Arabic slogans in favor of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Turkish and Lebanese young people came together at the ski resort in Lebanon.

Lebanon-Turkey Association Youth Center in Beirut, "the development of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries" for, in the capital's northern Jabal Keferdeby Ski Center in Lebanon organized a trip.

Despite the cold weather, around 200 Lebanese and Turkish people gathered at the ski resort, singing the folk songs of the two countries and having fun for hours. Holding a giant Turkish flag on the snow, the group shouted slogans in Arabic and Turkish in favor of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mervan Güneş, a member of the association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they want to strengthen the friendship between the two sibling peoples and the relations between the young people.

During the summer months for the Lebanese youth who have seen Turkey, Turkey plans to organize trips that expresses the Sun, "we know how each other, the stronger the bonds between us so," he said.

developments in Turkey closely they followed the transfer of the sun, stressing their support for Prime Minister Erdogan, "Prime Minister Erdogan, asked to be worn by a team lie-false audio recordings. We believe that the Turkish people will respond to these allegations at the ballot box ”.


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