TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Kars

TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Kars: Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) General Directorate prepared within the scope of the 50th anniversary celebration of "TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon" attracts the attention of visitors in Kars.
be closer to the TRT's listeners and viewers, experience and December 10, 2012 to share their skills opened TRT Publishing History Museum which consists of objects selected from the collections and the way the cars to travel around Europe with Turkey in particular has seen intense interest from students.
In the museum, in addition to the decorations, clothes, microphones, cameras and Radios that have been used since 1927, there is also the microphone Atatürk used in his 10th Year Speech.
The museum guide Suat Yüksel reminded the AA correspondent that the museum was opened 1,5 years ago with a ceremony attended by President Abdullah Gül.
Guests arriving at the request of TRT's 50th anniversary and the occasion of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), making it prepared to deal with such a wagon expressing Yuksel, "will total around 20 provinces. We also came to Kars. An Atatürk corner welcomes us in the museum. There are many unpublished photos of our Ata before. "There are also photos that we found from the archives of the General Staff and our institution and that have been digitally cleaned."
Stating that there are also microphones in the museum where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk read his 1933th Anniversary Speech in 10, Yüksel said, “Radio broadcasting in the world started commercially in America. These broadcasts continued very quickly in Europe and Russia. We started the first radio broadcast in Turkey in our first radio broadcast in 1927, "he said.
On the other hand, students who come to Kars Train Station wondering about the museum take their photographs by getting information about the old and new publishing materials.

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