Topbaş's cable car project to the Bosphorus allegedly stolen

Topbaş's cable car project to the Bosphorus was claimed to be stolen: It was claimed that the cable car project announced by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş for Istanbul was stolen. The citizen named Bilali Eraldemir, who lives in Adana, claimed that he presented the Ropeway Project, which was planned to cross the Bosphorus, to Prime Minister Erdogan years ago.

The project, 12 2007 7 Prime Minister said that the Prime Minister's handing over to the interested, XNUMX year after the release of his project for Istanbul, said that disappointment. Eraldemir, who described his project as a burglary, wants to correct the mistake.

Eraldemir stated that he sent the projects he prepared to 22 and 2006 12 on 2006, and then he sent the catalogs and CDs of these projects to Ankara and delivered them to the related parties. Bilali Eraldemir stated that he wanted to give a date-number number when he delivered the projects. They said, 'No worries, we deliver.' So I relied on him, believing in my projects. Ben

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, recently announced that a cable-lift project will be launched across the Bosphorus, explaining that Eraldemir, said:, I own this project, I'm the father of ideas. I offered the cable car to Istanbul Bosphorus in 2006 year, I personally handed in the year 2007. Year 2014. This is the right to use, this is almost theft of the project. Tayyip Bey, I'm asking you, I sent to him, the fate of the files I asked you ask. Don't believe the people around you. This is not a violation of the right to use the right? See the Bosphorus across the Bosphorus, you'll see in the pictures. I suggest that the throat can be passed from the top or the bottom, I say that this is possible. I'm offering it in 2007. But now I see that this project shows by others as if it were their own project. I gave the route of the passages in the Bosphorus, gave the ropeway, the Bosphorus in the Bosphorus, it was possible to exit the beautiful Çamlıca I had a cable car, I explained here that a mini recreational facilities can be established. I have shown what can be done from the precedents in the world. Dün

Eraldemir emphasized that the project includes connecting the tower of the Girl Tower and the Üsküdar coast from the underground to the glass tunnel. Indan This project is also implemented without me. There are even transitions to the Islands, the year 2006-2007. I proposed this project years ago. As if the new Mayor of Istanbul today wants to own it. This is the right to use, if the compensation is not in question in the Hereafter will be in the hands of the peace of the two hands. '' He said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:28

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