Topbaş's biggest election trump card is the metro

Topbaş's biggest trump card is the metro: The biggest trump in the elections was the rail systems planned to reach 420 kilometers in length in the elections. "Project, survey and finance studies for investments have been completed," Topbas said.
Months before the local election, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş started the campaign “Metro everywhere, metro everywhere” and actually gave the message “The candidate of the AK Party is mine again”. Announcing the metro lines to be built in 2019 and beyond, Topbaş also called on Istanbul residents to “cut and keep these ads”. Metrobas investments were the biggest trump card in Topbaş's local election process. Topbaş said, “We prepared the projects, studies and financial resources of all rail system lines. In addition, we have used only 38 percent of our borrowing facilities. In 2019, our rail system target will be 420 kilometers but we will reach 430 kilometers. ”
In the last 10 years, approximately 15 billion liras have been spent on rail system investments in Istanbul. The Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Sancaktepe-Çekmeköy line will be 20 kilometers and will be completed in a short period of 38 months, which Topbaş expresses as a "World record" and will be put into service in 2015. In the Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy subway, the foundation of which was recently laid, Kabataşextension to the agenda. With the lines under construction, the length of the rail reaches 250 kilometers. The length of the line planned to be built in the next 5 years is 170 kilometers. These include the Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü-Büyükçekmece metro line, which is an alternative to metrobus and to be built by the Ministry of Transport.
Continuing its election campaign in 5 different districts of Istanbul every day, Topbaş is asking citizens to vote with project and service discourse beyond daily political debates. he went every day in every district until today Topbas explaining a new project, the Büyükçekmece Turkey's first subway station, disabled access compliant, and a new generation of fuel-saving time 10 passenger ships, mainly in Taksim, KadıköyRenovation of all squares, including Beyazıt, Üsküdar, Yenikapı and Maltepe event areas, as well as a large regional park in Maltepe, a city park of approximately 1 million square meters in Çırpıcı Meadow in Zeytinburnu, at least 10 residences in each district. Nurseries and rehabilitation centers, each of which is a giant congress and fair campus in an area of ​​3 million square meters near the 3rd airport, two living spaces with a capacity of 2 thousand each on the European and Anatolian sides, in order to ensure the rehabilitation of animals in need of care without leaving their natural environment, tourism in Tuzla. brought to life projects such as Via Port.
During the election campaign, is it not difficult to visit 5 districts every day and make dozens of speeches and go live in the evenings? He explains the source of Topbaş energy as “Black Seed”: “For a few years, it is my preference for sour yeast bread, which is traditional yeast but whole wheat, or organic wheat. In the morning, I take this one or two slices, and it is more preferable if it is mixed with rye. After that, I do not eat bread outside. Look, I'm saying so clearly. Because fermentation, yeast is a very important thing for health. Such bread eaters are said to be resistant to many diseases, including flu. Two; I do not neglect black tea in two teaspoons every morning. It is also the advice of our Prophet (SAV). Now science says that. He is a panacea for every other than death. Yogurt is indispensable. But I prefer fermented yogurt at home. I do not eat late in the evening, after 19:00. I wake up very early in the morning. Our tempo is very high but I saw this; you will not feel tired if you do whatever job you like and if you know that it will make people happy ”
One of the most remarkable projects announced by the Kadir Topbaş election campaign process was the solid waste recycling project. Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation Plant and called the project a new model in Turkey
With this project, it is aimed to dispose of domestic waste by burning and to meet the electricity need of 350 thousand households annually with the energy released. If a positive result is obtained from the largest domestic waste incinerator project in Europe, it will be possible to meet half of Istanbul's electricity needs from garbage in the long term with the introduction of similar facilities.
Topbaş has two projects for the lack of parking, which has become one of the chronic problems of Istanbul. One of them is the new car parks with a capacity of 100 thousand vehicles, which were approved in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in February and most of them are closed. The new parking lots are planned as transfer centers close to the metro stops. “Apart Park” application is on the agenda for side streets. "We will buy a building on the streets by expropriating it, we will transform that building into a multi-storey car park, and we will only allow those who live on that street to park their cars," Topbaş says. If this can be achieved, each street will have its own "Apart Park" and will get rid of the trouble of asking "Where should I park my car" by obtaining a parking lot title.
Another transportation project that Topbaş frequently voiced during his election campaign is the cable cars. Of course, the most remarkable one is the cable car project that will reach Altunizade from Mecidiyeköy and then Çamlıca. The project, which will ease the traffic of the city with the 3rd bridge, will reduce the distance between the two continents to 15 minutes. Thanks to the cable car, it is aimed to increase the tourism revenues. Topbaş's promises include building a cable car from Rami Barracks to Vialand and Miniaturk, from Kartal Merkez to Aydos.
Mayor Topbaş, the day before the 5 a big surprise by removing the Unkapanı Bridge they will remove, instead of a tube tunnel under the sea will do. Topbas, kalk the bridge will be revived with the lifting of the bridge. Sokullu Mosque and Saliha Sultan Fountain will be revealed by Mimar Sinan. Also the current will be provided in the Golden Horn. Ayrıca


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