There is also the Aladağ Ski Center in the region

If there is Uludağ in Bursan, there is also Aladağ Ski Center in Kony: Mayor of Derbent Hamdi Acar emphasized the hybrids of making Derbent a tourist center. Acar, "our district, considering the geographical characteristics of the tourism center is very suitable to be," he talked about projects in the new era.

Konya, Derbent district 2 Xnumx altitude Aladağ'ın Aladağ'ın recently came up to the agenda and started to work to start the project that has announced the announcement of the Ski Center Project Acar, laughing and passed away, the only remaining imagined project now implemented important steps have been taken, he said. Acar the snow structure alpler,, 385 winter sports center will be established in Aladağ'da, even taken seriously, even seriously. But this project has always taken place in a corner of our heads. The reports prepared in accordance Aladag is one of Turkey's most convenient ski areas are outlined in a clear manner. Snow thickness, the slope of the region, even the snow feature of the Alps in the crystal snow structure to be suitable for the implementation of the project has inspired us. This snow structure

that was expressed by experts at a well in a Sarikamish Derbent Aladag in Turkey, "he said. Konya city center Aladağ'ya very close to the possibility of voicing the possibility of a region, not only for the winter sports, but also for the summer tourism is also very suitable for alternative tourism facilities, he said. surrounding cities will benefit Acar, "Konya, Karaman, Aksaray, Ankara and Afyon in the surrounding areas such as our sports and winter sports facilities. In addition, in the summer, this region has a potential to be a camp site for all kinds of activities and football clubs, from paragliding to hunting, and to all kinds of activities that might come to mind. From here the summit is the Lake Beysehir and our 7 lake. You can watch the seven lakes very comfortably. The pine forests are already up to a thousand 800-900 meters. This is a great place for both landscape, sports and nature. Of course, hidden and hidden beauty. I hope these beauties we will start to share with our neighboring provinces, especially after the Conqueror hope, "he said.

We give importance to social and cultural municipal studies

In addition to the Ski Center Project, one of the most important projects of Derbent, Acar said that they have provided great services to the district during the period they came to office and that they have realized both the sewage system and the new drinking water project in the last year. These are projects that foresee 4-5 million acar, reminding Acar, one of them started the work, the other will be tender, he said. Acar closed areas of the region do not work in the closed channel about the channel they do, Acar, Metropolitan Municipality after the introduction of the law into the neighborhoods of the district will be served as the municipality began to deliver services. Acar gave information about some municipal works carried out so far and the projects and services realized in the region or planned to be constructed: ged We also attached great importance to social and cultural municipal works. Lovers' programs, conferences, marriage education programs, collective circumcision and wedding ceremonies, kite festivities and events were organized. We did so many activities like theater performances, cinema days, and not counting. There are many investments in many areas, in this sense, we, as Derbentliler, present our gratitude and gratitude to our government and our government. After Yayla tourism, we are now investing in winter tourism.