The people made the choice! The front of 3.köprü and 3.

The people made the choice! The front of 3.köprü and 3.havalima opened: the people made the choice. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge progressed rapidly, the third airport in-house reports of interruptions made in vain.
Although it was local, the elections, which had an impact on general policy and economic decisions, came to an end. Various shapes by every cut and lot kazanThe most important sign of the results of the elections, whose three and loss rates were interpreted, was the desire to "continue stability". It is expected that the giant projects that are tried to be prevented after the election results, which are considered as a declaration of desire of the citizens in this direction, will be paved the way. The inability to get results from the operations that were taken to take measures against the assets of the company executives who will realize giant projects that will enable Turkey to be among the top 2023 economies of the world in 10 will also accelerate these projects. While the representatives of the business world evaluated the results that point to the people's desire for stability, “3. It seems that the obstacles in front of projects such as the bridge, new airport, HEPPs and Kanal Istanbul will disappear one by one.”
Both international investments and individual consumer expenditures are expected to become more active due to the political environment that pre-elected. "The markets had bought the AK Party to close the elections ahead," commented the strategists, noting that the continuation of economic stability was voted. Political, Economic and Social Research Foundation (SETA) Ankara Economic Researcher Erdal Tanas Karagöl said, "People said no to risk in the economy". Karagöl said, “We predict that the growth figures to be announced will be higher than expected. Ultimately, the public showed that they did not want to take risks in the economy with the election results. When markets open tomorrow, parallel to the decrease in the political risk premium, there will be a decline in exchange rates, especially interest rates. ” Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM)? Mehmet president? Büyükekşi said, "Turkey has successfully passed a major test of democracy. Now all segments of society should focus on economy and exports. Let's leave behind what we've experienced lately, let's look to the future.
During the Gezi Park events, projects like the third airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Kanal İstanbul were to be stopped. In 25 December operations, the managers of the companies undertaking giant projects were detained. In operations, 3. the company's managers and partners were taken into custody. In the operations, the accusations against the companies that took over the giant projects have attracted attention.


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