Kars Governor visited Tepe TRT History Museum Wagon

Kars Governor visited the TRT History Museum Wagon: TRT General Directorate 50. . TRT Broadcasting and History Museum Wagon “which has reached to Kars in the last hours of the day by taking the slogan” Edirne to Kars meets the audience with colors, sounds and memories ına is prepared.
Kars Governor visited Eyup Tepe Train Station and visited the museum wagon of TRT. TRT'nun used in the car since the establishment of devices and cameras, as well as a large number of objects carefully examining Vali Tepe, Ataturk's 10. He was very touching when he saw the microphone he used in his Year Speech. TRT'nun broadcast cameras in the early days, radio studios, the drama theater studio, including the car was affected by the wagon, said the Governor Tepe, "I went to the old now." He said the short journey took his wagon back to the old years, he said. During this visit, the Governor stated that TRT witnessed how important TRT has been in so many years. In this vein, Governor Tepe posed in the virtual studio and expressed his feelings in the broadcast studio.
Saying that TRT had an important place in the press and that it had a special importance for him, Governor Tepe stated that he did an internship at TRT before he became a district governor and he remembered his days during this visit.
Governor Hill, the end of the train from one end of the journey to the other end of the record, so that the visitors of the museum returned to the old days, he stressed. Vali Tepe, said:
Orum TRT family is one of our most rooted families and I want to express my happiness that TRT family has implemented such a project. Such a journey, which started with the slogan of Edirne to Kars, took us on a journey towards our past. Here lies a date. I went to my old days and I was very happy. TRT hopes that by making it traditional, the city travels around the city and tells people about the historical journey that has come from today. We walked through the gate of the wagon, perhaps, but in such a short time we have experienced the important events of our Republic history again. TRT family who witnessed every moment of our Republic history have very serious archives. It has a very strong corporate identity. It is very important to show this accumulation to the new generation. I would like to thank Ibrahim Sahin, the general manager of TRT, who implemented this project. Için
Vali Tepe, who wandered the wagon with the expression of the wagon officer Suat Yüksel, signed the guest book and thanked all the veterans of TRT, especially the TRT General Directorate.
TRT's Museum Wagon will be open to visitors until today

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