TEMA Foundation: Kanal Istanbul, 3. Bridge and 3. airport disrupts the natural structure

TEMA Foundation: Kanal Istanbul, 3. Bridge and 3. airport distort the natural structure with Turkey Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA), which will affect the future of Istanbul 3. bridge, 3. published a report on the airport and the Canal Istanbul projects. It is stated in these reports that these three projects will disrupt the natural structure of Istanbul, 3. airport and 3. The forest area, which will be cut directly for the bridge, will be about the size of the 8 thousand football field.
3. bridge, 3. The effects of the airport and Kanal Istanbul were brought together in a scientific report under the leadership of TEMA Foundation. In the meeting where the data created as a result of a seven-month study with the contribution of 16 scientists, the projects were; Threats to be created on northern forests, water basins, agriculture and pasture areas, groundwater and biodiversity were shared. Many scientists participated in the meeting, as well as TEMA officials.
Istanbul forests are considered as one of the 100 forests that must be protected in Europe. It is stated that forests, water basins and north winds in the north of the city are of great importance in terms of bringing fresh air to the city.
3. eral These intersections will provide a connection to the northern part of Istanbul where the water basins, forests and agricultural areas and pastures are located, will open the way for the formation of new settlement areas in these regions. So 26. and 1. Istanbul will expand to the north as it is in the bridges. kö
In case the projects are implemented, there will be great damages. Büyük 3. airport and 3. 8 bin 715 hectares area of ​​forest area to be cut directly to the bridge. This corresponds to the area of ​​approximately 8 thousand football pitches. The bridges are not human, but the vehicle will continue to carry. According to projections, every 2023 bridge in 3 will be blocked at the peak hour. 3. airport runway, apron, superstructures etc. natural forest areas with the excavation works of the units, approximately 70 large lake with lakes, lakes, and especially the streams feeding the Terkos Lake, agricultural areas and pasture areas will be damaged. ün
Emphasis is placed on one of the most important bird migration routes in Istanbul. Da bird migration passes through Terkos Lake and Belgrad Forest. Local and migratory birds living in this area are also protected by the Bern Convention. As a result of the projects built on the bird migration routes, the birds' habitats will be destroyed and the risk of aircraft accidents will increase. If the alternative route, which is most likely to be built between the public and the route map shared with the public about the Channel Istanbul project, passes through the Sazlıdere basin, Istanbul, which has limited facilities in terms of water assets, will face a serious threat.
Olumsuz Terkos-Kasatura shores will be negatively affected by the Kanal Istanbul project. The projects will cause destruction in the flora and fauna of Istanbul. The agricultural lands will be opened rapidly and the loss of agricultural land will not be limited to the agricultural lands on the route. At the same time, due to uncontrollable construction around the channel, it will reach even more severe dimensions. Silivri, Çatalca and Büyükçekmece districts will damage the groundwater basins that are concentrated. Siliv
The controversial 3 stated that there were no necessary researches for the project. Dr. Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, "Projects, Istanbul does not comply with the planning system, approved in 2009 the first environmental regulation plan is not overlapping abrupt decisions are hill." He said.


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