TCDD announces the purchase of traverse

TCDD made a statement regarding the purchase of traverses: In the statement made by the General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD), it was stated that the traverse auctions of the institution were made as an open tender within the framework of the Public Procurement Legislation. procurement has been made. ”
The statement, a newspaper today, a television program about the purchase of new documents related to the purchase of TCDD traverse said.
In the statement that TCDD traverse auctions were made as an open tender within the framework of the Public Procurement Legislation, “TCDD factories have been procured by tender since 60 traverses needed are not produced. In our factories, 49 traverses are produced, and all the traverses produced are used in our lines. ”
In the description, the following was recorded:
“Since 49 traverses were produced in our factories, no procurement was made by tender in any way, and 60 traverses were procured by tender. The necessary answer has been given by our institution about the false claims that have taken place in the press many times before. The issue was acquitted in 2011 SAI and SEE Commission processes. No intentions, negligence or defects related to the traverse purchase of the organization have been found. TCDD does not award a tender to anyone, and the firms that make the most suitable offer among the tenderers receive the tender due to the natural and legal process.
TCDD does not look at a criterion for which company partner is who is a relative, and observes the legality and compliance criteria in all tenders. Our legal rights are reserved against the reflection of a transaction carried out within the framework of the Public Procurement Authority legislation and laws as if TCDD has made an illegal transaction.


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