Response to the statements of CHP member Erdoğdu from TCDD

TCDD from the CHP Erdoğdu Description to reply: General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, yesterday evening a television program, CHP Istanbul false claims starting from the Court of Auditors Report on TCDD by Deputy Erdoğdu Aykut reported that.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways in a written statement made by the General Directorate, in a television program yesterday evening, CHP Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu by the unfounded allegations made in the Court of Auditors report on the basis of TCDD were reported. In the said program, it was stated that there was a need to explain about every claim made by Erdoğdu, and it was stated that the organization was re-disclosed about each claim expressed in the Court of Accounts Reports and given the necessary answers to the Court of Accounts and TBMM KİT. In the statement that the Ankara-Sivas project did not increase any business with the decision of the Council of Ministers, “The total cost of the Ankara-Sivas project is 2010 Billion TL at 2,4 unit prices. The nature of the mentioned 800 Million Dollars, 1,5-2 Billion Dollars figures is not understood. ”
Erdoğdu, 'According to the balance sheet of TCDD in 2002, they put in 3 billion capital, 2012 billion in 31, 28 billion money. So, what do we have today for these 28 quadrillions? Regarding the Ankara-Konya high-speed train, Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed train 'statement, it was pointed out that the mentioned 28 billion TL is the capital of TCDD, not just the money allocated for investment in a 10-year period, “Investing in this, operating expenses, personnel expenses, expenses it is included. Besides, 8 thousand kilometers of roads have been renewed except for the high-speed train lines, the towing and towing vehicles have been modernized, logistics centers have been built, the stations and stations have been restored in accordance with the original, electrification and signaling works have been carried out. Within this scope, 2003 large projects, including high-speed train lines under construction, were under construction in 2013-120, and 80 large projects are still under construction. ”
Regarding the allegations that 13,5 million TL was lost from wagon exports to Bulgaria, “TCDD is a different legal entity. TÜVASAŞ is a different legal entity. TÜVASAŞ enters the tenders at its own discretion. The TCA is also considered as a different legal entity in the audit. TÜVASAŞ has suffered from a commercial business abroad. The issue is also examined by TCDD and the Ministry ”.

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