TCDD statement made of cobblestones dismantled in vain

TCDD statement was made cobbles were removed vain: Buca district of Izmir, paving stones laid years ago to remove the unused railway line from Buca Municipality of the Republic of Turkey Railways (TCDD), the explanation came.
Buca Mayor Ercan Tatı, who announced that the paving stones were removed at the end of the lawsuit filed by TCDD in 2009, received a response from the Press Office of the General Directorate of TCDD. In the statement made by TCDD, “The area of ​​7 thousand 762 square meters belonging to our organization between Şirinyer and Buca, between kilometers 8 + 290 and 8 + 562, has been sued as a result of the rape use of Buca Municipality since 1 July 2006. The judicial process and appeal process continued until February 2014, TCDD was found justified by the judiciary and the area was requested to be handed over to TCDD. Therefore, the removal of the paving stones was made by the Municipality, and our organization does not have a request in this direction. There are project studies for this area, which will be evaluated within the scope of the rail system project between Şirinyer and Buca. There is no construction yet. It is not understood why the municipality removed the parquets even though there was no demand ”.

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  1. Apparently no comments are required! Two, the things I'm writing, rumbling in the middle of the process. With intent?

  2. This news shows the state of the official institutions of our country, TYPICAL!
    "Your right hand does NOT know about the left hand!"
    Communication between them is "0" (zero).

  3. An anecdote: I had sent a suggestion to the local government (NOT a complaint). We got a 1,5-page response weeks later. With dozens of laws, it conveys why it cannot. The preparation of the article took 1-2 days guaranteed. 80% of the given law articles are to be head-off, irrelevant. CONCLUSION: What is meant to be said is not relevant. In short, it means: "You sent it to the wrong place, you should send it to the neighboring unit, not to us."
    What is confessed; "We cannot communicate among ourselves, O citizen, send it there!"… THAT IS OUR CORPORATE STATE!