TCDD Case Opened Paving Stones on Railway

TCDD case was hungry Parker in railway blocks were dismantled: Izmir's Buca district, paving stones that were laid years ago, the unused railway line, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) cases as a result of open, had to be removed by the Municipality. TCDD, the line on the grounds of unauthorized use of 290 thousand pounds of money by requesting the execution, Buca Municipality by placing banners announced the situation.

The Mayor of Buca, Ercan Tati, with CHP, said that the case against cobblestone pavers, which have been laid on the railway line, which has been used by the public for years, especially as a sport walking path, has been concluded. Atı We paid rent to TCDD for a section in the region,, said Tati. Bir Before we took office, the key stone was laid. State Railways In 2009 sued our municipality. In this case, it was stated that the rape was used by the municipality. Despite the court's decision, we waited until the last moment to use this path in favor of the people. However, TCDD in recent days with the interest of 290 thousand pounds to take the execution of the request, 7 demanded the removal of the road in the day, D he said.

Mayor Ercan Tatı stated that the people of Buca reacted to the decision, ğ The institutions that these politicians say that they will build the city will give the answer to the savings on this way that the people use it on a daily basis. We have resisted, paid rent. But in spite of this, they started to implement a decision in which the public reacted highly. That's wrong. We also conveyed the demands of the people of the TCDD to the people. Biz

Buca Municipality, who had to dismantle even the paving stones, explained this situation with the citizens by banners.

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