Who Cuts the Speed ​​of Sports Tourism

Who Cuts the Speed ​​of Sports Tourism: On the one hand you will invest a significant amount of money, you will invest.

You will organize promotional campaigns by spending effort.

You will invite federations and football clubs.

You will form delegations and initiatives on the subject.

You will print brochures to promote the 'high altitude sports camp' and Erzurum.

You will choose the national athlete Elvan Abeylegesse as your promotional face.

Elvan's “Erzurum is my preference for high altitude training.

Because Erzurum is not only a high-altitude center, but also a city of history and culture, ”you will draw the message to the headline.

On the other hand, you will get up and 'show the door' to the federations that ask for your help and support.

That's not what happened.

Who gave the FIRST RESPONSE?

In fact, the first serious protest came from the Ski Federation in early February.

Federation President Ozer Ayik, 300 athletes and coaches with the Provincial Directorate of Privatization Administration left a black wreath.

As the justification, it was stated that 30 liras per person was required to use the mechanical facilities and chair lifts in the ski centers, and the athletes and trainers in Erzurum did not benefit from the ski facilities.

Özer Ayık admitted that they organize 8-10 ski races every year in Erzurum and that they could not do anything this year, even though it was the middle of the season.

Sober, he just said Palandöken and Konakli Ski Center is such an application between 40 and ski in Turkey.

What would you say?


I think there is nobody who does not know that a series of investments and studies have been made to attract sports tourism to Erzurum.

One of the most important investments that make Erzurum privileged is five hotels located at an altitude of 2-200 of the Palandöken Mountain.

Then, because of 2011 World Universities Winter Games, Palandöken, Konaklı, Kandilli and the facilities in the city center.

25 thousand modern Cemal Gürsel Stadium belonging to Youth Sports.

Side pitches and stadium belonging to Atatürk University.

As these are not enough, the Metropolitan Municipality is building an 5 football pitch at international standards for poplar on Ibrahim Polat Street.

The fact that the facilities within walking distance to the hotels in Palandöken are at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level provides a distinct advantage.

But the world is changing, but those conservative heads are not changing.


Look, I'd like to give a warm example to this:

As Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober, Chairman Alaattin Karaca Erzurum in Turkey Mountaineering Federation.

Is not the chance for Ayık and Karaca Erzurum?

Alaattin Karaca organizes an average of 16 events each year in Erzurum during his 3-year presidency.

He also sends an official letter to the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate to carry out the winter development training work in Konaklı.

To summarize, Karaca says in his article he wants to support:

39 athletes, 67 of whom are women, from 20 mountaineering clubs in 105 provinces will come to Erzurum for winter mountaineering training.

Erzurum in Turkey to recognize the first 105 climbers from different geographies.

He wants a gym to be allocated so that climbers can spend the night in the lounge with sleeping bags.

Then the mountaineers will be taken to Konaklı by municipal buses.

Mountaineers in Konaklı will live in tents they set up on snow.

He also suggests giving a hall in Konaklı for 1 hour of lessons a day.

So, how does Süleyman Arısoy, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, respond to the detailed letter of TDF President Karaca ?:

"With your relevant issue letter, the allocation of the Konaklı Ski Facilities you wanted for Winter Development Training between 22-28 February 2014 could not be made, as they will be covered by the privatization administration."

It all ends in one sentence.

You don't have a gym?

Why do you see Turkish climbers gathering in a gym?

We understand You cannot allocate Konaklı, what day does Kandilli stand for?

Or, you could say, "I'll do these, but others are beyond me."

But our manager says the address as 'Another door'.

Come now, don't call Fatih Cintimar.

In fact, is it not necessary to leave a black wreath in front of Arısoy's glass building?

Who is cutting the speed of the governor?

On the one hand, Governor Ahmet Altıparmak declares mobilization for publicity.

He's taking every opportunity.

"We are waiting for you to the High Altitude camp in Erzurum to be at the top," she says, she speaks.

If we look at the following examples, who is slowing down the speed of Governor Altıparmak?

To me, the heads of sports tourism.

Let us point out this week's article by informing those who wondered what happened to the climbers' merak What happened to the camp? Bu

Rector of Atatürk University Dr. Hikmet Koçak opened the door to Turkish climbers and fulfilled all his wishes. Privatization Administration for one hour per day use of the federation 700 pounds 'foot stepped' bill cut.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:19

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