A fast train to Antalya

Antalya will be the fastest train: CHP Antalya Deputy Av. Gürkut Acar reacted to the Western Ring Road expropriation and Antalya Railway Project's unresponsiveness and said, esi Does AKP not have any responsibility for Antalya? G
CHP Antalya deputy Gürkut Acar, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, in a motion to respond to the request, the Antalya West Ring Road on the 20.11.2012 and 15.02.2013 dated two separate questions with the proposal of the 15.02.2013 dated rail connection question on the proposal has not been answered for a long time. Acar said, bırakıl The questions about the Western Ring Road and railway connection, which are of great importance for Antalya transportation, are left unanswered and no steps have been taken. What is the reason why the AKP government has not taken any steps regarding the solution of Antalya's transportation problem and its connection to its inner regions? Does your ministry feel no responsibility for the transportation problem of Antalya? Bak.
Acar said that the expropriation process for the West Ring Road in Antalya has not been done for about 5 years. UM What is expected about 5 years? Is not leaving the expropriation work indefinitely, the injustice and resource waste to the people of Antalya? Will you make an attempt on this? What does it mean if your Ministry undertakes subway projects of municipalities such as Ankara and Istanbul where AKP administrations are at work, and not finding a source for the opening of the road under your responsibility in Antalya? What is the cost of expropriation required for Antalya West Ring Road? Can Antalya allocate billions of dollars to the national economy? How long will the people of Antalya be held for expropriation on the West Antalya Ring Road? When will the annulment of the people of Antalya be resolved? Ne.
Reminding that Antalya was not connected with the train line and the results of the works on high-speed trainings, Acar continued, an What is the reason why there is no development in Antalya's railway connection? Which stage has been reached in the studies carried out on the high-speed train line that comes up from time to time? Is the route specified? How much has been spent on the high-speed train line? What is the investment cost of the high speed train project? When will Antalya reach the fast train? Is there a study on the connection of Antalya to the eastern provinces of Serik, Manavgat, Alanya and Gazipaşa by rail? Will you be working to prepare a project on this subject?

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