Siemens to Produce Special High Speed ​​Trains for Turkey

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Siemens is among the world leaders in the field of rail systems, especially with its high-speed train and signaling works. The company continues to carry its experiences dating back two centuries to Turkey. Cüneyt Genç, Director of Siemens Turkey Rail Systems Transportation and Logistics Department, said, “We want to bring specially produced trains to Turkey, reaching 400 kilometers in speed for the new lines, because as Siemens, we believe that high-speed trains should be country-specific vehicles.”

The technology offered since the end of the year xnumx'l with urban and intercity transportation in the world environmentalists, offering fast and comfortable solutions, Siemens in Turkey since the year xnumx'l offers services in the rail system. The company, which provides solutions for rail system transportation vehicles, rail system automation and electrification, especially for high-speed train, finally signed the signaling systems in Marmaray project. Siemens Turkey Rail Transport and Logistics Department Director Cuneyt Young Young in an interview we conducted with Siemens is a global leader in rail systems field in Turkey was also mentioned that you want to move. Cüneyt Genç; Or The goal is to increase travel, safer, faster and more comfortable travel, and at the same time, deliver these services at the most cost-effective and environmentally soundest, “he says.

Could you inform us about the structuring of Siemens in the field of rail systems?

As one of the pioneers of the rail transportation sector in the world, Siemens has been offering environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable solutions in urban and intercity transportation in different parts of the world with the technologies it offers since the end of 1800. In addition to being a solution provider, we, as a system integrator, bring together all the expertise required for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transport. We have a balanced and comprehensive approach to all types of rail-based transportation, from tram, light rail and subway solutions, commuter train lines to intercity trains, high-speed trains. Reliability, safety, high technology and efficiency are among our highest priorities that benefit business organizations and the environment.
For the first time in 1879, Siemens introduced electric trains in Berlin-Germany and commissioned the world's first electric tram line in 1881. With its extensive experience in this field, the first electric trolley of Istanbul was commissioned in the first half of the 1910. This start is the symbol of the transition to electric trams from horse-drawn trams in Turkey, today's Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Kayseri, Samsun and need tools available in Gaziantep as well as rail signaling and electrification continues with the project. As the Siemens Rail Systems Unit which has been operating in the country above 40, we have been developing high speed train technology since 1980.

Can you get detailed information about the latest products and services that you offer to the Rail Systems sector?

Offering its first electric train in Germany at 1879, Siemens offers modern, low energy consumption vehicles, as well as railway automation and electrification solutions, such as the Velaro series of high-speed trains that exceed the 300 speed per hour. With the Velaro high-speed trains, we carry passengers in different climatic and harsh climatic conditions, ranging from 50 to 50 degrees in Spain, Russia and China. The Siemens Velaro high-speed trains are also available on the Eurostar line under the English Channel between England and France. Designed for Germany, the 407 Class Velaro trains are based on Velaro, one of the fastest train platforms in the world. These high-speed trains prove that environmental transport is possible. The high-performance Velaro product family, which is used in four different climate zones, can also adapt to different line openings. A high-class solution for traveling travelers, the excellent ride provides a comfortable train and a highly economical transportation system that can carry a large number of passengers. Siemens is positioned in a separate place among the fastest train manufacturers in the world, as the only company that successfully completed localization outside its own country. With our experience, we are able to transfer technology to the country where the fast train investment will be made; complete system knowledge and experience gained from our experience in all processes, from components to electrification, from rail system to signaling, increases the reliability of the solutions we develop.

Apart from the Velaro high-speed trains, the Val and Inspiro series metro vehicles, the Desiro commuter trains and the Vectron family of locomotives, all of which are widely used in urban areas, are widely used in different parts of the world. Both the Val and Inspiro and Vectron locomotives open the door to a sustainable transportation world with a recycling rate of 90, with the exception of technologies for low energy consumption.

The high-speed train you introduced at EurosiaRail and the signaling system at Marmaray are among the most prominent projects of the last year. Could you please inform us about these and the projects you are currently working on?

As Siemens, we have solutions for rail transportation, rail system automation and electrification.

Siemens' innovative technologies were utilized in the Marmaray project, which is one of the largest public transportation projects in the world and includes connecting two continents with tubes placed on the seabed. Signalization systems, one of the most important components of a rail transport system, are vital in the management of the entire flow of vehicles. Within the scope of Marmaray, different systems were brought together. In Marmaray, innovative applications like Siemens' European Railway Traffic Management System, Trainguard SIRIUS CBTC solution and Trackguard Westrace electronic connection locking control system were included. In addition, train detection systems, LED roadside signs, Controlguide Rail 9000 Central Traffic Control and telecommunication and SCADA systems were used. Marmaray, which has the capacity of carrying 75 thousand passengers per hour, also includes Siemens' solutions for fire safety. Tunnel that performs a large number of automation projects in Turkey, Siemens has used this competence Marmaray. Within the scope of the project, 72 including Kazlıçeşme, Yedikule, Yenikapı, Sirkeci, Üsküdar, Ayrılıkçeşme regions are used in different room FM200 Gas Extinguishing System, Sinteso Fire Detection System consisting of 3000 equipment, Gas-Dust Detection-PLC System consisting of 500 detector, approx. Flame Detection Systems with Linear Heat Detection System and 28 equipment. Our system, which provides control and monitoring from a single point, distinguishes itself from its similar ones.

Rail Systems, especially in our country in the year 10 increased the weight, large projects follow each other. What are the positive and negative aspects of being in such an important area?
we rely on our knowledge and experience in transportation, we are pleased to create added value in this field in Turkey. The speed and safe development of transport directly affect the level of welfare. Turkey, its strategic location, it has a great potential with a booming economy and population structure. In particular, because of its geographical location, trade has an important place in trade, so there is a great importance and return for the reforms. On the other hand, the intensification of transportation systems brings concern to the environment. The goal is to increase travel, safer, faster and more comfortable travel facilities and at the same time to provide these services at the most cost-effective and least-cost environment.

What makes you different from your counterparts? What kind of added value do your products offer?

Siemens, the company with the world's largest environmentalist product portfolio, offers advantages with the solutions it develops in parallel with the rail transportation. Different products for energy efficiency enrich Siemens's portfolio in this field. For example, Siemens can re-use the energy obtained during braking with modern storage systems. On demand, Siemens can transfer this energy to the same vehicle or use it to move a different vehicle that runs on the same line and is located at that location. On-board battery and capacitors enable the vehicle to travel without needing a catenary along the 2-2,5 mile. Since this solution does not require poles, it also prevents the line from creating image pollution in historical areas. We also have different products developed to ensure energy efficiency. The VICOS system allows an authority in the metro control center to manage the system with ease; sağ Ray Potential Limiting Device ği undertakes the grounding work that keeps the voltage in the rail at the permissible limits and prevents it from reaching the point where it could harm human health. We also produce rigid catenary systems in different countries of the world by producing the panels that manage the recycling process.

With its experience and accumulation, 150 has the power of years to come, and with the awareness of its social responsibilities, it acts with the impulse to benefit humanity, take care of the environment and use resources in a responsible manner.

What are the challenges in the Rail Systems sector? products used in rail systems in Turkey have sufficient hardware from a technological point? In order to overcome these difficulties, what kind of progress should be made in the state channel and in company?

In addition to the investment costs required for the establishment of the transport network and vehicle fleet, the operating costs during the movement of the vehicles on the networks reach to the values ​​that are higher than normal. The poor quality of transportation offers additional costs to service providers and users. For example, due to the insufficiency of other transportation systems such as railways, seaway and pipeline in our country, intercity and intercity passenger and freight transportation is made mainly by road. There should be healthy and constantly updated databases that can be used in planning for rail systems. In planning studies, the use of small size data collected in a very short period of time may lead to erroneous applications. Decisions related to transportation, especially rail system investments, should be based on a sound plan.

What kind of R & D studies do you draw your service quality?

As Siemens, we measure international competition. In addition to our technological leadership in product and system research and development activities, we also produce turnkey projects by combining our engineering strength in the system integration with finance management. We continue our connections with our R & D laboratories abroad to study in Turkey. With these activities, we always develop and implement solutions to meet changing conditions and expectations; focus on improvement, development and integration in land, air and rail transport; We also aim to provide the most advanced traffic management. In addition to the works we carry out within our organization, we aim to provide better, more advanced products by cooperating with related organizations, universities, foundations and companies.

Can we get the 2013 year evaluation and 2014 targets for Siemens in the rail system section?

The use of rail systems in intercity and urban passenger transportation has increased considerably. Especially the construction of high-speed train lines shows that the need for such trains will increase to a great extent. The production of rail system vehicles can be carried out easily in Turkey and as Siemens, we can be active in this field in Turkey as well. For the new lines to be built, we want to bring specially produced trains to Turkey, reaching a speed of 400 kilometers, because as Siemens, we believe that high-speed trains should be country-specific vehicles. For example, Velaro high speed trains, one of our newest products, are produced in accordance with the climatic conditions, carrying capacity and speed demands of different countries. Siemens, which has been providing added value to the Turkish economy for many years, will continue to be a permanent solution partner alongside its customers in order to pioneer global change with its knowledge as an international company.

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