Saudi Arabian north-south passenger train to be ready at 2015


Saudi Arabia's north-south passenger train will be ready at 2015: Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, and the passenger rail line that will connect the south of the country to the northern regions will cost 760 million dollars.
As a result of the statement made by the railways, most of the passenger train line with a length of one thousand kilometers of 418 is completed and will be gradually opened from the beginning of the 2015. It was learned that subcontractor firms were still working to complete passenger stations and other maintenance works.
The passenger line will connect the capital Riyadh and the Hadita region on the Jordanian border with Saudi Arabia and connect with the eastern port city of Dammam. With this line, the Gulf Cooperation Council railways project, which will connect all the Gulf countries, will contribute to the project.
According to sources, the Kingdom, which has the largest economy in the Middle East, plans to spend more than 5,7 billion dollars for the integrated railway project that will travel all over the country. Within the scope of the project, a cargo line for the transport of phosphates and other products from the northern industrial zones will also be constructed.

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