Samsun rail system line will reach beach of disabled people

Samsun rail system line will reach the beach of disabled people: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, numerous special projects from each other in the 15 annually, Samsun, the Black Sea region, the capital and the only metropolitan area that took the migration into the city, he said.
Et Our rail system project has changed the face and vision of Samsun, no matter what they say, ti said Mayor Yilmaz, who explained that the Light Rail System Project, which changed the face of Atakum, started the preparations for the new stage. While we have tried to portray them as scapegoats in some malevolent circles, we have recycled everything related to their benefits. The rail system made Samsun a further part of Samsun. It led to the birth of a new city like Atakum. If it hadn't been done, Atakum would continue to be a skating district even though it was trying to improve. In Samsun center, all facilities from hospital to post office are also available at Atakum. Today Atakum has become self-sufficient with everything. These were largely due to the rail system. With the completion of the road to Bird Sanctuary, Atakum is becoming a tourism potential with the marina. In order to prevent Atakum from being affected by the flood, we make an investment of 30 million TL. It's like a building site. We could postpone this investment if the rail system hadn't made it to Atakum. We will now extend the rail system to the Disabled Beach. This will be the most intense work we will do. We will overcome barriers and problems. We are discussing the shape of the viaduct that we want to be built at DDY and Kilicdede Junction. Y

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