Robbery on the high-speed train line

Robbery on the high-speed train line: The thieves took to the High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) line. 2 thousand meters of cable was stolen in 7 theft incidents in the last 17 months in Ankara - Istanbul 81nd stage line, which is the contractor of China Rail Construction Corporation. Theft damage to the company has reached $ 2.4 million. China Rail Construction Corporation, which announced that 25 KV Volt electricity was supplied to the electricity transmission lines and navigation network, has warned the citizens by announcing the newspapers under the name of "Security announcement".
Meets the loss
. 2. In the construction of the Stage MTH line, high voltage was given to the transmission lines. For this reason, they should not enter the railway construction area except for the officer, otherwise
electric transmission cable and signal cables and other equipment that may occur during contact with injuries and fatalities will be responsible for themselves and will also be responsible for damaging the damage they are caused. los said.
The company, reminded that the project was started in September 2008, explained the reason for the delay: N Ankara-İstanbul 2. The project will be completed in a short time and will be delivered to the operation. However, since the date of 19.08.2013, electrification 17 from the stolen 27 burglary exposed to 1.3 theft incident in the construction site construction site, 54 million dollars from the electric transmission cable and 1.1 thousand meters from the stolen signal communication line were damaged XNUMX million dollars from the optical cable. Since the loss of the stolen equipment and the renovation takes time, these theft events directly affect the delivery of the line to the planned time. In addition, the most concern for us is the danger of life on the high voltage line during theft and illegal destruction in the electricity transmission line.

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