Students who graduate from rail systems have been unemployed

📩 30/11/2018 10:28

Rail systems department graduates are unemployed remained: In high school, students stating that guaranteed job saying rail they directed to the system section, "Turkey's is spinning with all four sides of the rail network, opening underground lines in Ankara. Unfortunately, in the sector where hundreds of people are employed, we are not given priority. They train the security guards and make it a mechanic, that is, they don't have diplomas, they prefer teasing people. Güvenlik
Graduated in 2012 from Gazi Anatolian Technical Industrial Vocational High School Rail Systems Technology Department, now the students who continue their education in Eskişehir Anadolu University state that they face obstacles in finding a job. Students who claim to be employed in the sector, but not diplomas, are ana dozens of new metro lines are opened every year and hundreds of people are provided with jobs. They prefer computer and engine departments of vocational high schools, even when they are working as civil servants. They even train security guards and make it a mechanic. Hatta
Ömer Esen stated that about 600 has graduated from the rail systems department and that no one has been graduated for two years. Ir We will graduate from university next year. Already, we have started to struggle with unemployment. There is no one who has graduated from rail systems and has a job. This situation causes us to look at the future with anxiety, ler he said.
The first students of Gazi Anatolian Technical Industrial Vocational High School, opened in 2008, and Ismail Akkuzu, who underlined that they were misguided by the '100 business guaranteed' by the administrators of the school when choosing a department in the second year, said:
Ilar Since the school opened in the 2008 after the high school preferences, they received us with a diploma score. High school, rail systems section before the opening of the State Railways meeting and protocol was made. According to the protocol, the institution said that in the first two years the recruitment of our high school would prefer graduates, but the protocol was modified in 2010. From our school, we wanted to learn the details of the protocol from the Ministry of National Education and to talk with an official on the railways, but all our efforts remained unrequited.
Although we have worked for many years, getting technical knowledge and improving ourselves in the professional sense, business purchases are not given priority. Yıl
In recent weeks, the opening of the Sincan metro, safety training and claiming that they brought to the position of engineer Akkuzu, ik We have applied to work in the Sincan metro, but 'no recruitment' we encountered the answer. In such an important area, we learned that they prefer security guards who are trained not for young people with vocational qualifications but for a few weeks. We do not know what is being preferred, who is given priority, and the professional experience is really important, but we are aware that we have been reading it for years. N


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