Prime Minister Erdogan attended the highway ceremony in Izmit

Prime Minister Erdogan attended the highway ceremony in Izmit: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Izmit Bay Bridge Pillar Keson Immersion Ceremony in Dilovasi.
The “Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project”, which will reduce the transportation between Istanbul and Izmir to 3,5 hours, will shorten the distance by 95 km compared to the current state road. In this context, 8-10 hours transportation time will decrease to 3-3,5 hours. In return, 650 million dollars will be saved annually. Using the current road by car, crossing the Gulf will take 1 hour 20 minutes, while the ferry crossing will take 45-60 minutes, while the planned Gulf crossing will decrease to 12 kilometers and transportation time to 6 minutes.
Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is the most important crossing point of the project, will be in the 550th place among the largest middle span suspension bridges in the world with its 2 meters, middle span and total length of 682 meters. The total length of Izmit Bay Crossing will be 4 thousand 4 meters with Suspension Bridge, North and South Approach Viaducts. The caisson foundations of the bridge, “540-floor apartment height” and weighing about 17 thousand 38 tons, were completed in the wet pool at the Altinova Kaytazdere location.
As of the end of next year, the construction of Izmit Bay crossing suspension bridge and Gebze-Kemalpasa distinction and the work in the Izmir section will be completed voicing Erdogan, the nationalization of the project in the whole work of 80, 30 construction work reached the percentage, he said.
Erdogan said, “For the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway, 3 billion 650 million, that is, 3 quadrillion 650 trillion has been spent as expropriation and construction works. The expropriation costs, which constitute about half of this expenditure, were made by the state, and the companies that undertook the project, the construction part, which constitutes the other half.
Erdogan, "He does not understand, there is no planted tree in his life, there is a lie, there is taki, slander, there is mischief." Erdogan, who said that they will make a split road 12 thousand kilometers 15 years ago, said that there are those who do not give any possibility.
“Because they were looking at 79 years before us. In 79 years, 6 thousand kilometers of divided roads were built in this country. Since this happened in 79 years, how they will be, they will make a split road of 10 thousand kilometers in 15-15 years, they said. What happened now. In 12 years, we made 17 thousand kilometers of divided road. The account is in the middle. 79 thousand 6 kilometers in 100 years, 12 thousand kilometers in 17 years. We built 122 separate tunnels by drilling mountains on these roads. You see the viaducts over there, right? These are not the jobs that ordinary people do. The business is equipped with the sword. The mountains came out, we opened and we passed. Valleys are out, we passed through viaducts. It did not happen, we laid Marmaray under the sea. Because we are the descendants of Fatih. He ran the ships from the land, and we passed Marmaray under the sea. There were nature barriers that we encountered. While overcoming natural obstacles has been resolved in one way or another, in addition to this, some jurisdictions prevented big projects and global projects, and gangs and political attacks have come. We have overcome those obstacles by standing patiently and acutely. We saw the public service as Hakka service. In this path we set off with auspicious intentions, we overcome the works that we encounter and bring our nation together with service. ”
Elvan: “We are ahead of the calendar in the project”
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said in his speech at the ceremony that they took important steps within the scope of the project and said that they would start each other with a magnificent bridge on both sides of Marmara.
Elvan said, “With the Istanbul-İzmir highway, 1 billion 100 million lira will be saved to the country's economy annually,” Elvan said.
"Istanbul will be İzmir'li door neighbor, this project also forms the heart of Turkey's economic and angle will connect the Marmara and Aegean regions, where 25 million citizens live. Fast, economical and safe travel opportunities will be created between these provinces. With this highway, our 18 provinces will experience a new revival in the field of trade and industry. This highway will contribute significantly to the reduction of costs, especially in the transportation of industrial products, reaching and exporting to ports. We are in front of the calendar in the project. A total of 4 personnel, 320 thousand machines, 70 hours and 24 shifts are working to raise the project on the promised date. The Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa and Kemalpaşa separation has achieved a 3 percent physical realization in the construction of İzmir as of today. The amount of investment already made has reached 30 billion 3 million liras.



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