President Topbaş introduces the first tram to domestic

📩 30/11/2018 10:51

Mayor Topbaş introduced the first tram: Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, introduced the local production tram.
According to the municipality, Topbas, 4. 2014 introduced the first tramline at the International Railway Light Rail Systems Infrastructure and Logistics Fair (Eurasia Rail 100).
Topbaş, who visited the tram designed and produced by Transportation Inc., one of the affiliate companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, said that this was a very successful project and that a very advanced technology was used close to aircraft technology.
Stating that the project will participate in the fair in Germany, Topbaş said, “The cable length in one of these wagons was 30 kilometers and connections were made from 10 thousand different points. The system will not work if it is connected incorrectly at some point. So let's not see this as just a wagon. There is a special structure with very advanced technology. "It is a light subway-featured wagon, it should not be seen only as a tram."
Noting that an engineering marvel has been created, Topbaş said, “We are able to produce serials because it is local, its design is our own, and it is our brand. We can give Know-How ”.
Stating that they have reached an important point in technology as Istanbul, Topbaş stated that the wagons have started to be mass produced, 18 of the 2 tram projects have been put on the rails and the remaining will be activated at 3-week intervals.
Explaining that Transportation Inc. also provides consultancy services in its field abroad, Topbaş said, “Currently it is preparing especially metro projects in Medine-i Münevvere”.
Karaman also give importance to the municipal rail system in Turkey is now composed rail sector and said that they were very happy.
Noting that they have reached a point where it can be said 'we are here' in the field of rail system in the world, Karaman stated that he thanked Topbaş and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
Sirkeci-Halkalı Stating that the efforts to renew the line continue and the system will end in 2015, Karaman said, “HalkalıOur rail systems from Gebze to Marmaray and high-speed train will be combined. Now, our systems towards Europe will start working together with Marmaray on the Ankara-Istanbul route ”.

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