Pamucaka tram gospel

Pamucaka tram gospel: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of Selcuk Municipality joint service project, the Aegean's largest fruit and vegetable processing and cold air facility was put into service. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu announced that they will start the project works for the 8 kilometer Pamucak tram line which will bring Selcuk into the sea.
DeppoEfes, which was organized in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Selçuk Municipality, opened with a magnificent ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Deputies Prof.Dr. Dr. Oguz Oyan, Alaattin Yuksel, CHP Provincial Chairman Ali Engin, district mayors and muhtars also attended.
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, this year, we will go to the tender of Selçuk İZBAN railway line. If there is no mishap, 1.5 - 2 will come to Selçuk in the year. Not to mention the truth. We said that the people who live in Pamucak can go to Selçuk, and the citizens of Selçuk will meet the sea with the 8 kilometer. We start the project in April. Selçuk'u meet the sea. He said.
If you act like a man.
Mansion and Karşıyaka Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the trolley tender was held by a local company. “A Turkish company won the tender for trolley trucks in Bursa as well as on our ferries and digger ships. After that, our municipalities will make tram trolley trucks from a local industrialist. That industrialist will develop. So will develop technologies in Turkey, will be lifted dependence on foreign sources. For the first time, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality had taken the subway towers from China. In addition to a European company offering 93 million euros, we bought the same goods from China for 35 million euros in the same tender. How do we do that? Very simple. If you open the competition to competition when you enter the tender, if you do not do illegal works in the tender; wife, friend, man, kayırmazsan, you do the tender properly, the price of the competition. 'Izmir metro subway 56 - 60 finishes million. Istanbul, Ankara, so far under the fact that the tender, being transparent in the tender, the tender passes as a man.


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