Nilüfer and Mudanya linking bridge was opened

The bridge connecting Nilüfer and Mudanya was opened: The bridge was built on the Nilüfer Stream to connect the villages of Nilüfer district Badırga and Mudanya with Bursa by the Special Provincial Administration of Bursa.
Speaking at the opening of the bridge that connects the Yörükyenicesi and Badırga villages, Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu stated that the bridges will shorten the distances and said, “First of all, this bridge will connect our Yörükyenicesi village with Badırga and the İzmir road. It will shorten the distances. People who want to leave the Izmir road and reach the beach will also have a shorter path. This road will be used to reach the beach. It will also make the transportation of our citizens working in the organized industrial zone very comfortable. Hopefully, the Metropolitan Municipality, to which we have transferred our works for the next summer, will complete the asphalt of this road as soon as possible and this road between Izmir road and Yörükyenice and the coast will become asphalt. Thus, transportation becomes easier, ”he said.
"Bridges shorten the distances, connect two regions and two villages to each other, but the important thing is to build bridges between hearts," said Karaloğlu. Let's keep those bridges that are important. In no way, let us not turn to affairs that will spoil the brotherhood, love and conversation between us, and let us not give opportunities to those who want to spoil it ”.
The bridge which was built on the Nilüfer Stream by the Bursa Special Provincial Administration in order to connect the villages of Nilüfer and Badırga and Mudanya, is 52 meters long and 10 meters wide. The bridge cost 1 million 635 thousand liras. The bridge with special administrative facilities will serve about ten villages.
Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Bursa Deputy İsmet Su, Provincial General Assembly Speaker Nedim Akdemir, General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Bilal Çelik, Mudanya District Governor Orhan Çiftçi, apartment managers and villagers attended.



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