Ski lessons for little students

Ski lesson for younger students: ERZURUM, the central Yakutiye District Governorate and District National Education Directorate, 40 students, 80 of whom are not financially good, learn to slip in Palandöken.

Students who benefit from the tracks of Poan Renaissance and Xanadu Snow White hotel for free in Palandöken Ski Center receive 5 hours of practical lessons every day under the supervision of 4 physical education teachers. Students who have met Palandöken and ski for the first time, even though they live in Erzurum, realize their dreams. Primary school students, who climb to the peaks of the ski slopes with the facilities, learn how to ski to the ski in the distance of approximately 7 kilometers with the teachers.

Saying that he went to Palandöken once, but frightened and went down, Enlanpaşa Primary school student Aylanur Yılmaz said, “I overcame this fear thanks to my teachers. I learned skiing in a short time. I explain my experiences here to my friends at school and to my family at home. All I wanted was to be able to ski. Now I am very happy to make my dream come true. My goal is to be a good skier. ”

Stating that they took part in the project carried out to ensure the socialization of the students, Evrenpaşa Primary School Physical Education Teacher Kadir Yurdakul drew attention to the fact that tomorrow will be the national skiers in Palandöken, where most of them have appeared in their lives for the first time. Kadir Yurdakul pointed out that there is self-confidence among the students who ski for 20 hours in groups of 2, once a week, and said that the perspectives of children have changed. Yurdakul said, “We teach skiing to students selected from families with poor economic conditions. We will give the good ones to ski clubs. A charitable family will also offer scholarships to 10 students who are successful under the project. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:27

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