Suspicious package panic at the Metrobus stop

Suspicious package panic at the Metrobus stop: Suspicious package panic at the Metrobus stop - A suspicious suitcase left at the Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop caused panic.
Due to the package, the entrance and exit of Mecidiyeköy metrobus station were closed for a while and the suitcase was taken from the place where the owner was. The incident occurred at the entrance of the metrobus stop at Mecidiyeköy at 13.00 ranks. According to information obtained, security officers and citizens in Mecidiyeköy Metrobus stop, as a path to the exit of the metrobus stop a suspicious suitcase was seen. Long time waiting for the owner to come to the suitcase, the owner of the suitcase informed the police on the arrival of the police. Police teams from the scene on notice, taking security measures to take part in the package took the security strip.
Then the teams, the bomb experts reported the situation. Special teams from the scene to the stop input signal cutter? Jammer? left the device. Citizens who wanted to enter the stop were taken away from the environment and were directed to another entrance of the stop to get to the metrobus. Some citizens who ignored the strip were also warned by police teams. It was observed that peddlers at the entrance of the station collected their machines. In the meantime, claiming to be the owner of the suitcase, passed the lane next to the baggage came. After checking his suitcase, BC recovered, then took the suitcase and brought it out of the strip. M.Ç. controlled the inside of the suitcase under the supervision of police teams and then gave testimony to the teams.
The police stated to M.Ç that they have been looking for the owner of the suitcase since the morning and said, “You leave the suitcase, you turn and ask the security guards for an address? said. M.Ç also said, "I was going to Hunters, I got on the wrong way, they downloaded it. I came from Tokat from my grandmother. Sorry? used the expressions. After the luggage was taken by its owner, metrobus services returned to normal.


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