New Occupational Standard for Metro Drivers

New Occupational Standards for Metro Drivers: The national occupational standard for urban rail train train driver is determined.
According to the occupational standard prepared by the All Rail System Operators Association (TÜRSİD), urban rail systems train drivers will need to pay attention to many things besides traffic and safety rules.
The train driver will determine the danger situations and will take measures to eliminate them quickly and will inform the authorities of the kind of danger situations that cannot be solved immediately. Upon request, the commission will take place after the accident and the event. Will be able to report the information about the accident and the event to the related units, both orally and in writing, and will participate in accident and incident prevention activities upon request.
Passengers will check their boarding and boarding
On the platform, passengers will check the boarding and boarding. By controlling the signaling and closing the train doors, the train will move. It will inform the traffic controller about the faults on the line such as rail fracture, foreign matter, disconnections in the power supply lines and signaling equipment. The traffic at the intersections will match the traffic police signs.
It will make necessary checks by following the speed limits and signs and markers in the working area.
Fire evacuation in case of fire
The train driver will detect the fire zone from the alarm or other warning channels in case of fire. It will take the passenger evacuation procedure by driving to the first station. If the train is in the tunnel and cannot move, the line will be de-energized and will perform the procedures of passenger evacuation in the opposite direction to the smoke direction.
Security circle for suspicious package
In case of suspicious package, it will provide the evacuation of the passengers in accordance with the procedure, the security guard will be directed to the area where the suspicious package is located and the area will be taken into the safety circle. The emergency response units will receive confirmation from the traffic controller by taking suspicious package intervention and danger passing information.
First aid intervention
In the case of passengers / objects on the rail line, it will stop the train immediately. In case of train-vehicle contact, by informing the accident area and the train number will inform about the accident. If necessary, the line will be cut off energy.
Will take photos of damage
After the accident, the train will determine whether it is injured or not. In case of injury, he will take the necessary measures in accordance with the procedure.
It will take pictures of the damage of the train and the road vehicle.
In the case of train-train contact, the line will demand the power to be cut off. Initiating the evacuation process by announcing information and routing into the train.
Will be able to apply emergency communication procedures in cases such as trauma, disturbance, fight, theft, resistance to personnel.
Will be cool in case of emergency
In urgent and stressful situations you will be calm and calm. It will provide accurate and timely information to its superiors and colleagues. He will be patient and tolerant towards his colleagues. The train driver will be open to changes and innovations and adapt to changing conditions. Consumption of natural resources will be saved. Train driver, who will take care of human relations, will work in accordance with occupational health and safety rules and regulations. The solution will be focused on the problems encountered.

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