Light Appears in Lifeguard Tunnel

Lifeguard Tunnel 'he Sees the Light on: the construction of which began in 2011 in Artvin, Turkey's longest highway tunnel excavation work at the Hope Lifeguard ended Tunnel tunnel and seen the light. Minister Hayati Yazıcı, who attended the ceremony held because of the light in the tunnel, said that those who criticized themselves as laying the foundation for this tunnel 3 years ago, can now see the tunnel.
The program was organized by Borcka and the Minister of Customs and Trade Hayati Yazıcı, Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit, AK Party Artvin Deputy İsrafil Kışla, Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Mustafa Çelik, Artvin Deputy Governor Yılmaz Kurt, Deputy Director General of Highways Uğur Kenan Adiloglu, Provincial Police Director Hamdi Selcuk, Kaymakam Governor Kayir Ibrahim Ozturk, with some of the circle chiefs participated in the circle.
Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Director General of Highways, Uğur Kenan Adiloğlu, "Turkey's excavation completed are holding the longest highway tunnel Tunnel Hope Lifeguard-Borçka appeared münsabet light of the merger of the entrance ceremony. The Cankurtaran Tunnel, located on the Hopa-Borçka-Erzurum route, serves as an important bridge between the Black Sea Region and the Eastern Anatolia Region. Cankurtaran Tunnel (7 bin 500) starts from 200 meters at the distance of 5200 meter from Hopa and ends at 400 meters and ends at 2 meters at Çifteköprü. Lifeguard Tunnel is composed of 130 pairings. In the direction of Hopa-Borcka, the last stage of the excavation of the line was reached and today the light was seen. In the other tube, the excavation of the 12 meter remains and the excavation works are continuing. At the end of March this light will be seen in this tube. Tunnel will shorten the route of Hopa-Borcka to XNUMX kilometers, T he said.
AK Party Artvin Deputy Israfil Barracks, in his speech from the Minister Hayati Yazıcı Rize-Artvin Airport construction at the point of request for support, this is the most important project that will open the way for Artvin, expressing that they expect the contribution. Barracks ır This tunnel is the one that will put an end to Artvin's suffering. Our state is strong, our economy is growing. Today we have airports in Hakkari, Şırnak and Iğdır. In other words, I believe that we have a search for a new solution for the transportation of air to Artvin. I would like to be an interpreter for all Artvin people at the point of getting the airport to our province. I demand your support and contributions on this issue. Bu
Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı reminded that there were those who saw the work as an election investment when they started the tunnel construction in 2011. The printer said, “There were those who said,“ They brought one or two vehicles with show, they will collect it and go ”. The foundation of this tunnel was laid on January 5, 2011. Today, we are holding the 'Light Appeared' ceremony. Its length is 5 thousand 200 meters. Current form Turkey's longest tunnel drilled. Will follow. The Ovit Tunnel will follow, 14.5 kilometers. With the end of this tunnel, a double road suitable for visuality from Hopa to Borcka will be completed. When we look at the whole, Hopa will be shortened by 12 kilometers between Borcka. 20 minutes as time ”.
After the speeches, Minister Yazıcı, Governor Cirit, AK Party deputy Kışla and members of the press with a tunnel through the end of the car passed by examining.
The construction of the tunnel is expected to be completed completely within one year.



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