A car on tram tracks in Konya

A car on the tram rails in Konya: He was excited, he was lost on the way to go. When the woman driver confused the way she was going, she entered the tramway with her car. The car, which was advancing on the tracks for a while, stopped when its tires exploded.
Tramway, a car on the tracks ın The incident occurred in the Seljuk district of Konya. The woman from the direction of the city center, 42 CHZ 89 plate car with the Seljuk Municipality wanted to return from the junction.
Excited by the driver and drive the way, one of the tram road plunged.
Moving over the rails between the confused glances of the car, the car stopped after the 100 meter exploded.
The surrounding citizens immediately informed the police of the situation.
While the car was removed from the tramway road with the tow truck, the campus-Aladdin line tram services could not be made for a while.
The woman driver in shock was calmed down by her relatives.



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