Now is the time to replace winter tires with summer tires

It's time to replace winter tires with summer tires: Goodyear points out the right tire usage according to the season, which is closely related to the safety, comfort and fuel consumption of the drivers. .
Goodyear, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, provides important information on the use of the right tire, warning drivers about the replacement of winter tires with season-friendly tires. Winter and summer tires, which are developed and produced in different ways with their dough structure, tread patterns and many other features, cannot exhibit their performances exactly if they are used outside the conditions suitable for their production.
When used according to the season, the life of your tire increases and your road safety increases!
Goodyear Consumer Tires Director Ersin Özkan said, mevsim With the end of the winter season, it is very important for the drivers to replace the winter tires with the summer tire suitable for the seasonal conditions. Winter tires + 7 provides a better grip on the dough than the 7 grade, providing less braking distance, while summer tires perform much better in all conditions than summer tires in summer conditions. In addition, the use of winter tires in summer is not appropriate in terms of efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and noise emission due to rolling resistance. We, as Goodyear, advise drivers to make tire changes from the beginning of April (in all regions where the temperature exceeds + XNUMX). Olarak
Advantages of using tires according to season
· Shorter braking distances due to differences in dough structures and road holding performance on wet / dry surfaces
· Summer tires provide less noise and more comfort due to tread structures
· Less fuel consumption than winter tires due to low summer tires' rolling resistance
· Long lasting tire life with tire change and longer tire life

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