Kestel Junction and the last node in the way to Ankara solved (Video)

Kestel Junction and the last node on the way to Ankara is solved: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the Ankara -İzmir state highway, as well as the passage of the rail system built to allow the passage of the Kestel Junction with a significant node in traffic was solved. Approximately 512 kilometers in a period of new road and road expansion of the highway transportation to breathe the Metropolitan Municipality, Gursu, Labor, Ozluce-Alaattinbey and Esenevler Kestel after the junction is opening.
Every year in order to be accessible in every area of ​​Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which allocates close to 70 of the investment budget to transportation projects every year, removes transportation problems with rail system projects as well as sea and air transportation, and opens the blocked network of road network with intersection projects. To date, the Metropolitan Municipality of Gürsu, Emek, Özlüce-Alaattinbey and Eserevler intersections has been opened and the last node on Ankara-İzmir highway was solved with Kestel Junction. Kestel Junction, built to enable transit of the rail system in the scope of Bursaray Kestel line, will be opened to traffic on 03 on Tuesday (today) by Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç.
A well established solution
Metropolitan Municipality of 190 a kilometer road in a period of the new road and road expansion work of reminding 512 reminding the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, especially in Ankara - Izmir road junction removed by the signaling system disappeared, so that traffic flowing without interruption, he said. Reminding that a total of 657 meters of Kestel junction was designed in accordance with the rail system transition, Mayor Altepe said, hatırlat While the uninterrupted passage of rail and wheeled vehicles was provided under the crossroads, the entrances to the Organized Industrial Zones in Gürsu and Kestel districts were secured. With this intersection, our drivers who will transit to Bursa will be able to continue on their way from the east to the west without any signaling. The crossroads of Bursa and our roads, as well as all the drivers who use the transit to get better.



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